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3 free apps aim to help you past long TSA lines at airports

TSA lines are causing record delays at airports, but three free apps are designed to help you beat them. Rossen Reports tried each of them.
/ Source: TODAY

Across the country, TSA lines are causing record delays at airports. But three free apps claim they can get you through them faster — and one of them is from the TSA itself. The Rossen Reports team gave them each a try:

  • MiFlight provides crowd-sourced information: Travelers waiting in line type in how long they're waiting so you'll know what you're going to be up against. At Newark Airport, one of the country's busiest, the app helped TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen find an alternative to a TSA checkpoint with a 25-minute wait. At the second checkpoint, there were no lines at all.
  • Fleet will not only tell you how busy airport lines are; it will also act as your personal concierge once you're through them, identifying the nearest shopping and food venues. It helped Rossen find a frozen yogurt stand as well as telling him how soon he needed to be at his gate.
  • My TSA is an app run by the TSA itself. But when the app told Rossen there was no delay at a particular checkpoint, the wait time turned out to be nearly half an hour instead. The information the app provided had not been updated in more than three hours.

A spokesman for the TSA told NBC News they are working to revamp the My TSA app sometime this summer with better, real-time data.

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