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Stuck in a rut? 12 signs it's time to quit your job

Have you been wondering if you should quit your job or stick it out?
/ Source: TODAY

Have you been wondering if you should quit your job or stick it out? Have you been trying to figure out the reasons why you should stay or why it’s time to close that door and open a new one?

The fact that you’re interested in reading this could be a sign in itself. Here are 12 reasons why it’s time for you to quit your job:

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  1. You don’t want to go to work. You hate waking up in the morning and you hit the snooze button numerous times before you actually get yourself ready to go. You beg your significant other to call in sick for you regularly. Sunday night is your least favorite time a week because you dread Monday.
  2. You don't care about the work. You are no longer passionate about your work — maybe you never were. It’s painful to be doing the work you’re doing because it’s completely inauthentic to who you feel you could be. Are you even clear on what you were hired for? Maybe they should have gone with that other guy with the MBA.
  3. You’ve changed — and not in a good way. You are mean, rude, aggressive and inconsiderate to your boss, coworkers and clients, or you’ve withdrawn and become completely disengaged. You’ve become extremely negative — about everything. You simply don’t care what they think of you anymore so you push their buttons. And speaking of buttons — you have consciously hit the "door close" button on the elevator when you see your boss coming so you don’t have to spend another minute with him/her.
  4. You’ve stopped following the rules. You don’t abide by the dress code, you show up late to meetings, you take a longer lunch than you’re supposed to. You’ve just stopped respecting anyone and everything. It seems you may have come down with a case of hypengyophobia (fear of responsibility).
  5. You’ve stopped doing work. Yep. You’ve just stopped doing work. You've delegated the majority of your work to your team or intern. You’ve cleared your schedule so you have more time to scroll through Instagram and watch Periscopes of people who appear to be much happier than you are.
  6. You complain. You don’t talk about anything other than how much you hate your job to your friends, parents and partner. Trust us, nobody wants to hear about it anymore — they want to see you take action.
  7. You can’t grow. After however much time you’ve been at this job, you’ve come to the conclusion that there is no room for growth. You can’t advance in the department or company and you probably won’t get a raise.
  8. You watch the clock. You are constantly checking the time on your computer waiting for it to be 6 p.m. You’re also counting down for weekends, holidays and vacations. Summer Fridays are longed for more than Christmas Day. Yes, we know, you pray to get selected for jury duty.
  9. You can’t live the life you want. In working this job, you can’t afford the lifestyle you’re living or want to be living. You don’t make enough money and there’s no chance of that changing in this role anytime soon. Did you even pay rent this month? Did your cat go unfed because you don’t have the money to buy her food?
  10. You’ve made yourself sick. You are so stressed, anxious and overworked that you have become physically ill. This job has taken a complete toll on you physically and emotionally.
  11. You have no balance. The word balance is not in your vocabulary. You haven’t spoken to the people that matter the most to you in weeks. Did you miss a birthday? Is your gym membership going to waste? Did you go back to eating gluten? You haven’t been physically active, you order in food every night and you feel completely deflated.
  12. Your skills are underutilized. You know you have so much to offer but nobody is willing to execute let alone listen to your ideas of how you think you can benefit your company. You’re capable of so much but you’re not able to shine in this role.

If any or all of these ring true to you, trust your gut and know that it’s time to make a change. Dig your resume up, revise it, begin networking and go find yourself a job you can love.

Harper Spero is a Lifestyle and Career coach. You can read more tips on her site. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and on Facebook.