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By Nicole Spector

Still stumped on what to get the loved one with a major quirky side? Consider the Internet your friend! Online, you'll find a plethora of gift ideas ranging from funny, goofy to downright weird.

To help with your search, we've compiled a list of some of the kookiest stocking stuffers out there.

1. Unicorn meat

Unicorn meat by ThinkGeek is a fun weird gift

A great idea for a quirky venture capitalist cousin or friend dreaming of a billion-dollar tech startup — dubbed "unicorns" in the finance industry — this fake canned meat by ThinkGeek adds some fantastical, albeit morbid sparkle to the holiday.

Do keep in mind that the "meat," which sells on ThinkGeek for $9.99, is for show only. What's actually inside the can is "a dismembered stuffed unicorn."

And for a spicier option, check out the canned dragon meat.

Dragon Meat
Dragon Meat ThinkGeek

2. Catty underwear

Cat underwear is funny cool gift for chicks
WaterStars on

Considering the absurd popularity of cats on the Internet, it was only a matter of time before savvy e-commerce vendors got a hold of this brilliant, bizarre concept: underwear with images of cats silkscreened onto them. Consider it a fun stocking stuffer for your girlfriend, wife or the crazy cat lady in your life! It'll only set you back $11.99, which isn't bad for lingerie.

If kittens aren't up your gal's alley and you really want to stock up on the stocking stuffer panties, definitely consider these Golden Girls granny panties!

Bulletsandbees, Etsy

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3. Quirky soaps

Chill pill soap is a fun weird gift for the bathroom
SudsySaloon on

These days it seems there's a pill for everything — even for cleaning your hands! These handmade "Chill Pill" soaps come in two scents, lavender and black raspberry, and are made with shea butter and olive oil glycerin.

The best part is that each comes in an oversized prescription pill bottle that can be personalized with the recipient's name, doctor's name and a gift message.

Browse through the rest of Etsy seller SudsySaloon's fun catalog for more funny soaps, including these fabulous peppermint-scented denture soaps.

Denture Soap
Denture Soap SudsySaloon

4. Squirrel Mini Coffee Mug

Tiny squirrel coffee cup is cute and weird

Aw, tiny squirrels need caffeine, too! The Squirrel Mini Cup by Accoutrements is a great gift idea for any nutty animal lovers with a backyard.

This teeny-tiny cup is about an inch big; splash a little joe in it every morning and set it on the porch or window sill for your furry friend. And please read the fine print — the squirrel is not included!

5. Herring brooches for men

Herring brooch for men is a weird dapper gift for dudes
MemiTheRainbow on
Herring brooch for men is a weird dapper gift for dudes
MemiTheRainbow on

Who says brooches are only for women? Dapper dudes can sport them too with these weird herring brooches. The funny felt accessories actually come in a little tin box — much like the edible kind — for excellent presentation. They come in threes for $35.99 a pop.

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6. Ball Buddies

Ball buddies make for fun weird stocking stuffers!
BallBuddies on
Ball buddies make for fun weird stocking stuffers!
BallBuddies on

Made to stuff in stockings and hang on Christmas trees, these painted tennis balls are bursting with bizarre personality. Etsy vendor BallBuddies sells these little guys for $8-$10 a pop, $15 a pair or in a foursome for $36.

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7. Color Changing Umbrella

Color changing umbrella is beautiful and weird

Definitely not your typical umbrella, this one actually changes colors when wet. The effect is beautiful and weird in a lovely way. Made by Drizzles, this version sports hearts that turn dark pink in rain or butterflies that turn purple. They sell for $9.21 on eBay.

8. Nose-shaped glasses holder

Nose glasses holder is a fun weird gift for Dad

Is that bookish brother-in-law always misplacing his glasses? You may want to get him this handsome nose-shaped eyeglass holder. It's made of Indian rosewood by Store Indya, and you can get one on Amazon for $19.99.

Or, if you have a pal who needs help keeping their nose clean, you should also check out this hilarious nose tissue holder.

Nose Tissue Holder
Nose Tissue Holder Retro 51

9. 'I Am Weird' and 'I Love Weird' pillowcases

Funny and weird pillowcases are a great gift for couples

Let's face it, bedding can be boring, but these pillowcases will add a heap of personality to the bedroom! Made by RKGrace Prints, these 300 thread count cases are perfect for that peculiar couple in your life. Look for 'em on for $28.

10.Celeb prayer candle

Taylor Swift prayer candle is a weird and meaningful gift
theholyspearit on

This may strike some as sacrilegious, but Taylor Swift is pretty important to a lot of people. Etsy vendor theholyspearit also makes prayer candles featuring Madonna, Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga, among other pop star goddesses. They run $14.