10 gifts any nerdy couple will love

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By Suzanne Choney

By Sean Fallon

Nerd Approved

One major benefit of being in a relationship with a nerd is that there is no shortage of gift-giving options. After all, a major part of being a nerd is fandom and obsession. So once you know what their hobbies are, you can tap into that knowledge year after year and it never seems to get old. If you are fortunate enough to be in a nerdy relationship, here are some romantic gift ideas to consider.

Courtesy of Nerd Approved / Today

Han and Leia rings

Nobody dodges commitment like Han Solo. These rings are probably your best shot to avoid saying "I love you" and still end up looking like a hero. Though, he did have the benefit of being frozen in carbonite immediately afterward to heighten the emotion. I guess you'll have to present this ring to her just before the police haul you off to jail. Hmmm … maybe it's best to just spit out the words. $22 — SpiffingJewelry via Fashionably Geek

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The electric tandem bike

I've never been on a tandem bike before, but I imagine that it would take a bit of coordinated teamwork to get up a steep hill. Would you say that you and your partner make a great team? If you aren't so sure, or you try to avoid exercise at all costs, this electric tandem bike would make for a romantic gift. A 500-watt electric motor drives the rear wheel to propel riders up to 20 mph in comfort. $3,400 — Hammacher Schlemmer

Courtesy of Nerd Approved / Today

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Cthulhu plush

The whole teddy bear thing was played out long ago, I think. When today's nerds care enough to give the very best, they choose baby Cthulhu. Pure evil has never been more adorable. $13 — Entertainment Earth via Nerd Approved

Courtesy of Nerd Approved / Today

Ammo case wine box

Wine is the perfect companion to a romantic dinner, but whipping out a cardboard box of Franzia tends to kill the mood. Not so with this up-cycled U.S. Army ammo box Chiller cask. It oozes masculinity. Each "Make Wine Not War" case comes pre-filled with your choice of a Napa Valley Cabernet or Coastal Queen Chardonnay — and when that's done you can refill the bag inside with four bottles worth of your favorite wine. $70 to $80 — Thrilist via That's Nerdalicious


A nerdy vacation for two

For some, experiences are far more valuable gifts that baubles or trinkets. Someone like that might appreciate a vacation with a nerdy theme — like traveling to Montana to stay in a real-life Hobbit house. This remote retreat acts as a tourist guesthouse, complete with a modern king-size bedroom, designer kitchen with customized granite counters, HD Blu-Ray television set, XM Radio, three phones and Wi-Fi—all for a fairly reasonable $245 a night. And if Tolkien isn't your thing, there are plenty of other nerdy destination ideas to choose from. — Hobbit House of Montana via Nerd Approved

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The iNecklace

Apple's sleek, minimalist style has often been described as sexy — and that's a quality you might want to search for when buying a piece of jewelry. The iNecklace takes its cues from Apple's design aesthetic with a machined aluminum power-button pendant that features a subtle, pulsing LED that's sure to "turn on" a nerdy girl. $75 — Gizmine via Fashionably Geek

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Lightsaber candlestick

I view this candlestick as part of a larger Star-Wars themed holiday gift. Your partner comes home to find a note like thislying in plain sight, complete with lightsabers and Star Wars bathrobes.  But first, you set the mood with a romantic dinner lit by lightsaber light. $39.99 — ThinkGeek via Nerd Approved

Courtesy of Nerd Approved / Today

Superhero throw blanket with sleeves

For some inexplicable reason, Snuggies have been popular gifts over the last several years. They get a bad rap for being kind of dorky looking, so if you are going to get one you might as well go full dork with these superhero throw blankets with sleeves. They come in Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman versions so you and your significant other can pretend to be carrying on a sordid superhero love affair that involves lots of sitting on the couch eating chips and watching Community. $39.95 — Amazon via Fashionably Geek

Courtesy of Nerd Approved / Today

Nerdy holiday cards

I absolutely hate buying greeting cards. The jokes are usually corny and terrible and the sappy ones are just plain embarrassing to read. I mean, I'm embarrassed reading these cards by myself in CVS — how do they expect me to actually give it to somebody? On the other hand, we absolutely love these prints by artist Nicole Martinez. They mix science and love with just the right words. Plus, they are available as both cards and prints. $6 to $85 — Nicole Martinez via Nerd Approved

Courtesy of Nerd Approved / Today

Nerdy soaps

Skip the morning Bath and Body Works gift basket this year and get her something exciting — well, exciting for soap, that is. Luxury Lane has an awesome collection of Nerdy scented or unscented soaps shaped like everything from Han Solo in carbonite to the TARDIS to a Portal Companion Cube. Now that I think about it, this might be a great addition to that whole romantic Star Wars thing. $4.95 to $12.99 — Luxury Lane via Nerd Approved

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