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What NOT to say to a pregnant woman

What’s the worst thing someone said to you while you were pregnant?Apparently the sight of a pregnant woman causes some people to lose all sense of tact. Hey, world, just because we skipped the birth control doesn’t mean you get to skip basic manners. TODAY Moms on Facebook revealed the worst pregnancy comments they got, and boy, there are some doozies.Jessica Simpson knows what we’re tal

What’s the worst thing someone said to you while you were pregnant?

Apparently the sight of a pregnant woman causes some people to lose all sense of tact. Hey, world, just because we skipped the birth control doesn’t mean you get to skip basic manners. TODAY Moms on Facebook revealed the worst pregnancy comments they got, and boy, there are some doozies.

Jessica Simpson knows what we’re talking about. The heavily pregnant star hasn’t been shy about showing off her growing belly, and of course, she’s caught flak for her expanding girth. Even Ellen Degeneres, the Queen of Nice on talk TV, couldn't resist when Jessica came on her show last week.

Ellen: "This looks like a joke [gesturing at Jessica's belly]. When are you due?"
Jessica: "I have some weeks."
Ellen: "No you don't."
Jessica: "I really do. It's not, like, tomorrow."
Ellen: "It looks like tomorrow."

Jeez, Ellen, you're a comedian, not an ultrasound tech. I think the woman knows her own due date! Of course, Ellen made up for it by supplying Jessica with a full-body pillow and a platter of onion rings – catering to pregnancy cravings will forgive a lot of sins. 

TODAY Moms readers can empathize with Jessica when it comes to rude comments. More than 250 weighed in on Facebook with a definitive list of what NOT to say to pregnant women. Read 'em and weep:

No, it's not twins. No, it's not triplets. No, I won't stop kicking you

Misty Stokinger: Some old man at the Army clinic said to me..."GEEEEEEESH, how many you have in there? Two? THREE?!!?". I was in the midst of a really uncomfortable pregnancy and was already sensitive about the fact that I looked overdue by 6ms. Looking back, I should have asked him how many kegs he had in his beer belly. Two? THREE?

Dara Priest: Her:"Twins!! So exciting!! OMG you are Sooooo huge!! Twins make you get so big!!"
Me: "It's not twins, and I'm only 6 mos pregnant."

Amy Stitzel Vandemark: I got the twins comment also, but was only about 4 months along. When I said "no just one in here," the reply was "Are you sure?"

Lisa Marie Berry: ‎"You can't birth a toddler," "Did you swallow a watermelon," "You sure it isn't twins?" and the daily "have you had him yet?" arsenal of calls and messages around 38 weeks. It was frustrating as a first-time mom to feel like my body wasn't working to everyone's opinion of norm. Next time I'm lying about my due date.

Tamar Blugrond Rudy: Wow! You're HUGE! Have you got a litter in there??

Young mom does not equal "Teen Mom," older mom does not equal Granny

Leslie Wagoner: I had a couple of older ladies (gray hair) talking to one another in line behind me at a store saying do you see that pregnant little girl? Her parents should be ashamed, we will be paying for this one, I finally had enough, turned and told them I was married, 22, and last time I checked my husband had a full time job with insurance but thank you for your concern.

Candice Burnham: I look really young. I had an old woman in Kroger ask me "Do your parents know you are pregnant?" Totally serious. My fingers were too swollen to wear my wedding bands, so she just assumed I was an unwed teenage mother in need of a prebirth intervention...haha.

Cyndi Scarborough Westfall: I was very excited to shop for my second child after finding out we were having a boy. I was 37 yrs old and dressed in what I thought was a pretty cute MATERNITY outfit. When I went to the register to pay for my items, the clerk asked me if I was purchasing the items for my grandson. Ugh!

Oh, grandma, bless your heart. Remind me why we haven't put you in a home yet?

Shelley Heatherly K'nipp My grandmother: "I carried my babies like a basketball all in front, I didn't get big all over like you." Thanks Grandma, God rest your soul. Hope you're being nice to Jesus. :)

Crystal Loftis: My husband's grandma asked the names we had picked out. After telling her she said "oh my God kids, you're naming a baby, not a gold fish." It was actually pretty funny bc she's grandma and all ;))

Robbin Blakely: When I was pregnant with my first child, my grandma told me to "suck it in already" you don't have to push your belly out... that hurt my feelings pretty good.

And your medical degree comes from where, exactly?

Amy Kristine: I had a teenage girl at Wendy's refuse to sell me a Diet Coke, and then proceed to lecture me on the dangers of diet soda and pregnancy.

Melissa Valenzuela: My father in law saw our first sonogram where my son was sucking his thumb. My fil told me I was starving my baby and that is why he was sucking his thumb in the womb. ?????? Ugh!

You'd think doctors and nurses would know better -- not so much

Carla Austin: The worst was when a nurse in my dr's office told me that I had to be lying about exclusively breastfeeding my daughter because there was no way I could be pregnant again if I had. Idiot.

Cathy Torres Davis: The first dr I saw suggested I only eat lettuce or I would need a Mac truck to get me to hospital. Got a new dr the next day!

Sharla Durrant Benson: A doctor at the office where I worked walked in and saw me at the copy machine and blurted out, "You've exploded!" You'd think a doctor would have a little more tact!

Leah Taylor Bacon: All three of my kids were born in December and when I went to the doctor to confirm pregnancy she asked me if I go "in heat" the same time every year. Needless to say I didn't continue with her.

Peggy Jones: When the labor nurse said in response to me saying I had delivered 2 of my babies at home, "Home delivery is for pizza." (Eds. note: Meet my two children, cheese and pepperoni...)

Thanks for the... compliment?

Stephanie Spitaletto: When I was pregnant with my twins, a woman told me I didn't look pregnant from the knees down. Great for my self-esteem.

Denise Ritzer Folkersma: You got the waddle women wants to hear they getting so big they cant walk

Amanda Conmy: I'm 9 months prego and still at restaurants still get the whole " u don't even look pregnant " well until they see me standing to leave but really is that saying I just look fat until I stand?? Hahaha

Michele Sipolt Kapustka: My mom was a VERY BIG WOMAN, and someone said, "Michele, you look just like your mother." Thanks, I think, you ass.

Tracee Folkers Sprau: ‎"Wow, you FINALLY grew boobs" :(

Don't get mad, get even: Best comebacks

Audra Lee Kelley: When I was about 8 months pregnant with my 1st daughter, I was returning a pair of high heels that had broken at a high end store. The clerk stared at me and said "are you sure your weight gain didn't break them". At 40 weeks I only weighed 146, not exactly heel crushing weight. I had him fired :-) With my 2nd daughter, I was 2 weeks from my due date and a teenager shouted at her boyfriend behind me in a store "at least I'm not fat like the girl in the black shirt in front of us." I turned around and told her that I may be "fat" in her eyes, but in 2 weeks my belly will be gone, and what was her excuse.

Sam Iam: I always get "oh my you are so big WHEN are you due???" so I always respond, I was thinking the same thing about you we must be due around the same time!

Mariah Cafe: ‎"Are you sure it's not twins??" after the third time of hearing this from the same guy, I asked him why did he think I was having twins? He Stammered some answer but that was the last time he said it :)

Laura Hintze Pelly: When I was pregnant with twins, and was quite large, some jerk of a woman asked me WHY I was so big. Rude. When I politely responded that I was expecting twins, she shrieks, "Jesus Christ!! Better you than me." To which I promptly responded, "If Jesus Christ had anything to do with it, truly waaay better me than you!!!"

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on Facebook -- but sorry you had to suffer through such boneheaded and downright mean remarks! To any expectant moms reading this, including Jessica: Congratulations! You look radiant! 

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