Twinsanity! High school basketball team's stars are three sets of two 

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By Eun Kyung Kim

The basketball team at one Pittsburgh high school has had their fans seeing double since the beginning of their winning season.

There’s nothing wrong with their vision, though. It’s just what the school describes as the “twinsanity” going on in the lineup of the Allderice High School boys' team.

“It’s just insane to have to deal with three sets of identical twins,” the coach, Buddy Valinsky, told TODAY's Jenna Bush Hager.

Those twins are Kenny and Keith Robinson, Davaughn and Javaughn Moultrie, and Tim and James Jackson. The teamwork they've demonstrated has contributed to the school's winning record, helping the team earn the city league championship title.

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“We're strong on the court. I wish we could fit the whole six on the court," said Davaughn Moutrie. "We know each other's game, and we can really confuse other people so it would really help.”

The twins have an uncanny way of reading each other faces, or speaking to each other in code.

“We always finish each other's sentences. Thinking alike — always,” Keith Robinson said.

The three sets of identical twins "can really confuse people" on the court, said Davaughn Moutrie.Today

They’re also always playing jokes on their coach, who "really can't tell us two apart,” Timothy Jackson said about him and his twin.

It's true, confirmed Valinsky. 

“It really is fun for them because they see me confused,” he said. “And as a coach, you're supposed to always be in control.”

When coach calls for one, he usually has a trouble grabbing the right player, James Jackson explained: ""’Timmy, Jimmy, whatever one you are.'"

But Valinsky isn’t the only educator at his school having problems telling his students apart. Allderice High School has an unusually large population of twins.

“We started figuring it out," he said. "We came to almost 25 sets of identical and fraternal twins mixed."