The true meaning of Halloween, according to kids

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By Rebecca Dube, TODAY

Halloween is believed to have roots in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, marking the last days of autumn. And trick-or-treating may have grown from the medieval practice of "souling," in which poor people would go door-to-door and get food in return for saying prayers for the dead on the Christian holiday of All Souls Day.  

But don't try telling kids that. To them, it's all about the candy. 

"So kids can be happy and have a lot of candy" -- that's how one smiling skeleton sums up the holiday.

Sounds good to us! Well, at least until the inevitable sugar high sets in, followed by the tearful "just one more piece!" tantrum.'s Katie Quinn asked kids for their thoughts on the meaning of Halloween, then turned to an expert for some coping strategies to avoid sugar overload. Check it out, and share in the comments: What's your Halloween sanity strategy?

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