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By Lisa Flam

In nearly five years of marriage to a Navy man, Maggie Coday has given birth to three boys, said goodbye to her husband for two deployments and endured two cross-country moves. She has done it all, her husband says, with a smile.

“People tell us all the time that they don't know how she does it,” Chris Coday wrote to TODAY and read aloud in a video that aired on the show Thursday. "I do know."

“It's because she is the most amazing woman I have ever met,” he continued. “I’m ever-grateful that I can call her mine.”

With the couple’s fifth anniversary approaching next week, Coday nominated his wife as the best mom in the world, a supportive spouse due for a special Mother’s Day treat. In his taped message, he called his wife his best friend and “the most amazing person I know.”

On Thursday, TODAY brought Maggie Coday to the New York studio for what she thought was a story about what it’s like to be a military mom. But then the surprises began.

First, Savannah Guthrie brought out Chris Coday, who walked out uniform, sharing a big hug with his wife and handing her a bouquet of flowers before taking a seat beside her.

Guthrie noted that the couple has had a busy five years, and yet they never got to enjoy a honeymoon.

As part of TODAY’s "Mom’s the Word" celebration — a week of surprises for Mom — Guthrie surprised the couple with the honeymoon they never had: a seven-night vacation to Mexico.

The Codays were all smiles. “That’s awesome!” Maggie Coday said.

Chris Coday said his wife is well-deserving of a special honor.

“She really does it all and doesn’t ask for, really, anything, so if anybody deserves to be recognized for all the amazing things she does, it’s this one,” Chris Coday told Guthrie, pointing to Maggie.

The couple has three boys, Keagan, 4; Camden, 1; and 7-month-old Kayden, who was born while his dad was deployed to the Persian Gulf. (Mom brought a pillow with dad's face on it to snuggle up with in the hospital.)

Before the big surprise, Maggie Coday told Guthrie that having her husband away much of the time, as she’s tending to the three boys, is hard.

“It’s challenging definitely, but (I) just kind of learn to do the everyday things, getting through the day, talking to Daddy, emailing, Skyping,” she told Guthrie.

The boys miss their dad, especially Keagan, the oldest of the three.

“That was the roughest for him,” she said. “He loved it when he could see him on Skype and say ‘Hi’ and see pictures and talk to him on the phone.”

Between the kids and work, will the couple find time to get away for their overdue honeymoon?

“I think we can work it out,” an overjoyed Maggie Coday said with a laugh.

Lisa A. Flam is a news and lifestyles reporter in New York. Follow her on Twitter.