Stroller-skateboard combo targets 'urban parents'


For all those new parents who think their skateboarding days are behind them, here comes the Longboardstroller.

It’s only a prototype so far, but the stroller-skateboard combo that lets moms and dads zip around town with baby in tow is getting lots of buzz online.

Dubbed by its European makers as “an experiment in urban mobility,” the contraption allows an adult to propel the buggy with their feet – just like a normal skateboard – while the child is strapped in to a seat attached in front.

You can see parents testing the Longboardstroller in the video below, with the kids wearing helmets for added safety:

The project -- a collaboration between stroller maker Quinny and Belgian design agency Studio Peter van Riet -- aims to provide a different way of thinking about how parents can move, according to the company’s website.

“It’s an alternative solution which makes it easy to travel longer distances in a nice, environmentally friendly way,” the company says.

“You don’t have to leave the city when you become a parent... for parents with a positive attitude and the right solutions, the city is a place full of opportunities.”

Despite lots of enthusiasm from potential customers, don't expect the Longboardstroller to show up at a store near you any time soon. The makers say they will only sell a perfectly safe, high-quality product and still have a lot of work ahead of them to make that happen.