Scared of Santa: The ho-ho-horror continues

Brooke Phillips, in 2009 with Santa.
Brooke Phillips, in 2009 with Santa.Today
By Rebecca Dube

(With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, and thanks to our readers who shared their photos.)

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the mall
The children were shrieking
Because Santa was creeping them out, y'all.

"It was a short lived moment..we took the pic fast and got him off his lap."Today

That perfect Christmas photo
Was not working out
The kids screamed "Oh no!"
And showed their best pout.

Jackson at 15 monthsToday

The jolly Saint Nick all dressed in red
Seemed to fill some with loathing and dread
They cried and they wailed, they kicked and they ran
While weary parents sighed and said, "Sorry, man."

"This is a true 'Scared of Santa' photo but Santa is just as scared of my twins - one who was swinging punches at him. Allison and Isabel Elliot were 18 months old in this 2011 photo."Today

Often, with kids, things don't go as planned
On days when the reindeer poop hits the fan
You've just got to smile and take it in stride
Dry those tears, have some cocoa, share the photo with pride.

"Wyatt Austin, 1 year old. He walked right up to him...... then it got ugly!"Today

We know you're good parents, that's not in doubt.
Remember what Christmas is really about.
Joy to the world, peace on earth, goodwill toward men
And if the kids could sleep till 7, we'll all say Amen.

"This is my 2 year old, Cameron. His 3rd time on Santa's lap! This Santa was great!"Today

While on Santa's lap they may have frozen in fear
On Christmas morning, they'll grin from ear to ear.
And despite holiday stress that can make you cray-cray
You'll look back at all this and smile... one day.

"This is my 1 year old daughter Natalia, she kept saying ho ho ho until we put her on ho ho's lap!"Today

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It's really surprising more mall Santas don't drink.

In 2009 Matt Kane launched a creepy Santa website which hosts different Santa themed photos, which are submitted to him from the people photographed, friends, or family members