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By A. Pawlowski

In case you missed comedian Louis C.K. on "Saturday Night Live" last weekend, he made fun of lots of things in his opening monologue, including attending his daughter's school play.

“There’s no more joyful feeling in the human experience than when a child’s play is over," he said.

"Nothing feels that good, when you can say, 'I’m not watching that any longer.' Every second my daughter is on stage, I can’t breathe because I’m so proud of her, but this is a bad show."

The audience was laughing, and so were the TODAY anchors.

There's a little bit of truth to what Louis C.K. said, Natalie Morales admitted. Al Roker said that the worst part about a recital, especially if your last name begins with an "R," is that you have to sit through the performances of everybody else's child before you can see yours on stage.

Many parents who weighed in on the TODAY Moms Facebook page agreed with Louis C.K.

"He is being honest, not every event you go to for your child is going to be exciting," said Sarah Murphy Harris. "He speaks for a lot of us who would never admit that."

"Pretending like we enjoy every second of parenting is ridiculous. But you put on a happy face (because) that's what love is," added Candice Leddy.

But others said they adore seeing their kids on stage, whether dancing, singing or just showing their enthusiasm.

"I have never felt this way about anything my children have done or play they've been in!! I'm more the bursting with pride smiling from ear to ear brag for days kind of mom!" said Lori Frownfelter.

Some parents were also disappointed Louis C.K. would make such comments.

"Not a decent thing to say about a daughter or any children's play. It is a whole different ball game with kids. He should respect his daughter and her friends doing their best at a young age," said Judy Adams.

Then, there were parents who were philosophical about the whole thing.

"You can be proud and bored out of your mind at the same time. It happens," said Sara Ballew.

Do you agree with Louis C.K.? How do you feel about attending school plays or recitals? Let us know on the TODAY Moms Facebook page.

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