Jenna Wolfe: What will the baby call you and Steph? And 14 more questions I'm always asked

Steph and Jenna
The question that Stephanie and I haven't quite answered: What should our baby girl call us??Today

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By Jenna Wolfe

Editor's note: Jenna is blogging about her adventures through pregnancy. Here's this week's installment of Jenna's (Baby) Food for Thought.

1. Are you pregnant? 29 weeks and counting … just 11 weeks to go. (FYI, before I got pregnant, I never EVER referred to chunks of time in terms of weeks. Now, I can divide any number in the world by 7.)

2. When is the baby due? End of August, but it's my first, so I'm basically preparing for anything, anytime and yes, anywhere. I'm currently taking requests.

3. Boy or girl? It's a girl. Some people don't want to know the sex until the day the baby is born. We are not those people.

4. Do you have a name picked out? Yes, but the first time we picked out a name, back in month three, we got a few raised eyebrows and some "Are you sure?"-type responses. So we regrouped, came up with a better name and now mum's the word until delivery day.

5. Has it been an easy pregnancy? Once I pulled into month six, it all became much easier. The first few months were met with all the usual goodies: morning sickness, heartburn, backache, fatigue, muscle pain and general discomfort. But now I'm sailing to the finish line ... and by sailing I mean I'm moving along like any beached whale might.

6. Can I touch your belly? Only if I can touch yours at the same time :)

Who can touch my belly? Lionel Richie can, that's who. (Richie stopped by TODAY's Summer Concert Series on Friday.) Today

7. Is this your first? It's our first everything.

8. Do you think the baby will have Stephanie's eyes? (Looking down at MY pregnant belly.) Not unless science has discovered something I don't know about.

9. What will the baby call you and Stephanie? We're still working on this one. It might have to be left up to our little girl. We've gotten a number of suggestions: Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mumma, Lady, Ma, Ms. Wolfe (Lester's suggestion), Ms. Gosk (Lester's suggestion), Woman Who Had Me, Other Mother ... the name game is a work in progress.

10. Are you still working out like a lunatic? My old lunatic workouts involved plyometric jumping and springing from down-to-up and from up-to-down. If I did that now, I'd not only deliver THIS baby, I'd deliver all the babies within a three-mile radius of me!! I have a hard enough time just standing back up again once I'm on the floor -- there's no hopping around at seven months pregnant. I am, however, back in the gym. I'm walking, biking, swimming and lifting light weights. It's really helped me physically and emotionally with regards to the pregnancy.

11. What foods are you craving? Cold cereal. I could eat my way through any supermarket cereal aisle -- and I never ate cold cereal before I got pregnant. From Special K to Cookie Crisp, Honey Nut Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Cinnamon LIFE, Crispix … you name it and I craved it. That and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. But that was just the first few months; I'm back on the nutritional bandwagon now. On behalf of my hips, thank goodness!

12. How did you deal with morning sickness while you were on TV? For the most part, I was able to contain it with ginger ale and saltines. But there was one Sunday morning during TODAY when I had to be out on the plaza after a commercial break and my body just said, "Nah, I don't think so" and I ran to the bathroom instead. The toughest part was not telling my colleagues what was happening. I wanted to wait three months before telling people I was pregnant, so for three months, Lester, Erica and Dylan all thought I had some sort of weird, endless flu. One of the editors thought I had mad cow disease because I was sick all the time!

Being pregnant on the air has had its ups ... and downs.Today

13. What's the baby's name? Nice try. You already asked me. Her middle name is Estelle if that helps.

14. How much weight have you gained? I honestly have not stepped on a scale once since I've gotten pregnant. The doctor said I gained about 17 pounds already, but that's according to her professional, no-nonsense, official scale, not my $8 Ikea one -- which, again, I haven't used.

15. Do you have a name picked out yet? Oh, honestly!