Expecting couple cracks pinata to discover sex of baby

Long gone are the days where expecting parents wait anxiously in a doctor’s office to find out the sex of their child. Today, it’s all about having a party. From surprise cupcakes to balloons in a box, couples are opting to reveal the sex of their child in front of family and friends.

Being pregnant myself, I decided to hop on the gender reveal party train and see what the hype was all about.

Challenge No. 1 was getting my British husband on board. Apparently not all cultures share the American love for commercialization. Baby showers are just starting to make their way across the pond?! When we first found out I was pregnant my husband, Olly, said to me, “Can we wait and be surprised?”

I thought about that for a minute (OK, maybe less) and suggested we have a piñata party, invite all of our family and friends -- and, oh, film it as well so I can put a story together for By the sheer fact that I’m writing this post, we know who won that argument!

My husband gave the envelope with the ultrasound results to the candy shop preparing the piñata, so the shop owner really was the only person -- aside from the ultrasound technician -- who knew the sex of the baby.

Our gender reveal party was everything and more than what I expected it to be. The moment I found out I was having a… (you’ll have to watch the video!), I understood what all of the other parents were talking about.

The night was so full of surprises that I even converted a Brit. He admitted in the end that he couldn’t have imagined finding out the sex of our child any other way.