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Couple sings 'We are having, having, having another baby' in Taylor Swift parody

Here’s what a baby announcement looks like with a little help from Taylor Swift.

When Nate and Erica Eaton found out they were expecting a baby just months after welcoming their first child, the Richmond, Va., couple decided to break the news to their friends in a song set to the tune of Swift's breakup hit "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

The Eatons’ version proudly proclaims: “We are having, having, having another baby” and features lyrics such as, “I remember when we had a baby, the first time/Saying this is it, I’ve had enough/’Cause like, we hadn’t slept an hour in a month.”

Erica Eaton, who is 14 weeks pregnant, told TODAY Moms some of the lyrics reflect the shock the couple felt as they faced the prospect of preparing for another baby while still getting used to their new role as parents of 10-month-old daughter Emerson. And the video is a clever comeback to any comments they get about the spacing of their children.

“We weren’t planning on having another baby quite so soon,” Eaton said. “The day we found out, I think my husband almost had a heart attack. He is usually pretty vocal about everything, but he had no words that day. I think I burst into tears.”

Erica Eaton sings about expecting her second child as her 10-month-old daughter Emerson looks on.

Shock soon turned into joy, however, and the couple turned their attention to announcing the news in a fun way, with lyrics like "Ten months past, we got this down...."

Nate Eaton, who is a reporter for a TV station in Richmond, likes to make videos of all the couple’s big life events, like their engagement and wedding, Erica said. He was initially set on a rap video, but she really loves Taylor Swift, so they eventually settled on a song by the pop star. It took them two hours to come up with the lyrics and then a day to shoot the video with the help of Erica’s sister. Eaton jokingly described her and her husband’s singing as “awful,” but said they had fun.

Some of the couple’s friends and family members have teased them about having two kids spaced so closely together, prompting lyrics such as “You’re shocked, so are your friends, so are our friends, so are we.”

“Emerson is so little and they all kind of gave us a hard time,” Eaton said.

And even though her husband sings in the video that he used to think that their family of three was “forever, ever,” she suspected he always wanted a boy. So perhaps it’s appropriate that — for now, at least — “four might be forever and ever,” Eaton added. The couple doesn’t know yet whether the baby, due to arrive in October, will be a boy or a girl.

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