Couple asks Starbucks patrons for help in naming baby

Baby wearing name tag
Baby wearing name tagGetty Images

Venti or Grande? Milk or soy? Jackson or Logan?

Patrons at a Starbucks in New Haven, Conn., had an extra choice to make while ordering their coffee in the last few months when a local couple expecting a baby boy needed a little help in choosing his name.

Choosing the perfect baby name can be difficult, so one couple asked Starbucks customers for help.Today

Jennifer James, 25, and Mark Dixon, 24, narrowed their baby name choices to two, but couldn’t agree on which one would work best: she liked Jackson, while he preferred Logan, they told the New Haven Register.

So they decided to let the customers at their favorite Starbucks weigh in, inspired by a similar voting process the store uses to select the employee of the month.

“We saw that and thought we might as well see how it works,” Dixon told the newspaper.

Patrons at the café were invited to write their choice on a slip of paper and put it into a cup placed next to a sign that read: “Help us choose our son’s (first) name, Jackson or Logan.”

The couple counted the results every few days. Since the spring, they’ve received some 1,800 votes, with a number of people getting creative and suggesting other baby name choices.

“We’ve gotten Obama, Jebediah, Lincoln,” James told the New Haven Register.

In the end, Logan got the most votes. The contest ended this week, with the couple deciding to name their baby Logan Jackson. James is due to give birth in September.

The couple is keeping the “ballots” from the contest for a baby scrapbook.