Adorable dog helps dispose of baby's dirty diaper

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By Scott Stump

When it comes to disposing of dirty diapers, Charlie the beagle gets the job done. 

His owners say he loves learning new tricks, so they taught him an adorable way to help take care of a regular chore with their 2-month-old daughter, Laura Olivia.

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An Irish couple named Daniel and Julia filmed Charlie taking a fresh diaper in his mouth over to Julia, getting a doggy high-five, then carrying the dirty diaper in his mouth over to a garbage can and disposing of it. 

"Beagles have an incredible sense of smell and for him to dispose of that diaper, he really took one for the team,'' Tamron Hall said on TODAY's Take on Thursday. 

After ditching the dirty diaper, Charlie then comes over and gives Julia a doggy kiss on the lips, which earned a few groans from the anchors on TODAY's Take. 

"She had me right up until there,'' Al Roker said. 

The couple told TODAY that they wanted to combine Charlie's willingness to learn new tricks with a way to make sure he wasn't left out in all the attention over their new baby. The TODAY anchors suggested a few other chores Charlie could handle. 

"A little help around the house, vacuuming, a little mopping," Natalie Morales said. 

"Charlie will do your taxes,'' Al said.