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55 wedding wishes to write in the happy couple's card

Make their special day even sweeter with one of these thoughtful messages.

Wedding bells are ringing! The dress, the gifts, the "I dos," it's all so magical and one of the most important days in any couple's life.

And, of course, you want to tell them just how happy you are about their marriage with a heartfelt message.

"We recommend letting your personality shine when writing well wishes to a couple," Sarah Hanlon, associate editor at The Knot, told TODAY. "They’ll be receiving plenty of cards from fellow loved ones, and they’ll really appreciate a message that’s personalized and thoughtful."

There are a few do's and don'ts to keep in mind when writing wedding wishes to the soon-to-be-weds.

"If you’re celebrating a relative, express your excitement to welcome their new spouse into your family. Or, if you’re friends with the couple, reflect on your relationship with them in your message," Hanlon said.

Generally speaking, it's best to avoid negative or inappropriate wishes (even in jest), talk of future children since it may be a touchy subject, or any other ill-placed comments including excuses for not attending the wedding.

“No matter who you’re writing to, you can’t go wrong with wishing them a lifetime of happiness or warm regards for the beginning of their marriage," Hanlon added.

With that in mind, we pulled together a list of sweet (sometimes funny) messages to write in a wedding card to friends, family members or anyone else who is about to make their love official.

Wedding wishes for any couple

  • And they lived happily ever after. The end.
  • Eat, drink and be married!
  • Two rings, one heart. Congratulations!
  • Celebrating you both on this happy day! Best wishes now and always.
  • Let them eat cake! Best wishes on your marriage.
  • The best thing about you two, is you two. Congratulations!
  • From the day you met, I always knew it was going to end up like this. Best wishes on your marriage.
  • Today begins the lifelong dance of love and friendship. So happy for you both.
  • Cheers to the bride and groom on the first day of their storybook ending.
  • Wishing you luck, love and happiness today and everyday. Best wishes on your wedding.
  • So thankful to be included in this once-in-a-lifetime moment to share in the celebration of your marriage.
  • Sometimes you just know when two people are meant to be together. That’s how it’s always been with you. So happy for you both on this special day.
  • We’re overjoyed to be included in this extraordinary day and share in your celebration. Congratulations!
  • Best wishes to a couple whose love is nothing short of inspiring and reminds us that some things truly are meant to be.
  • Happy day. Happy couple. Happy wedding. Happy everything to you both!
  • A toast to white lace, black tails and a love destined by fate. Congratulations.
  • Celebrating love with flowers, rings and all the joys this wedding brings.
  • The love you share reminds us all that dreams really do come true. Best wishes!

Wedding wishes for friends

  • I wish I knew all the right words to express how much you both inspire me with your love, your dedication and the joy you spread to everyone around you.
  • I’m so happy for you and proud to have you as friends. Congratulations.
  • We’ve known each other a long time. I guess that’s what makes this day even more special. You deserve this love and more than that, a happy life together.
  • What’s so amazing about this day is that I’m not losing a best friend, I’m gaining a new one. Congratulations to you both.
  • The best things in life aren’t things. They are people like you. I hope this day brings all the joy you so deserve.
  • Friends come and go — except for you. You’ve been there through thick and thin. So today I celebrate not only our friendship, but all that you are.
  • Bride and bridesmaid today, friends forever. Good luck and congratulations.
  • I couldn’t think of two friends I love more. Happy wedding day!
  • Let happiness be the light that shines on you today and always.
  • Friends forever, together always. I'm honored to be included in your wedding day.

Wedding wishes for family

  • I couldn’t be happier to stand by your side as you begin this next chapter in your life. Sister, I love you and can’t wait to see what comes next.
  • Brothers are special. They’re a shoulder when you need one and an ally when the chips are down. The love of your life is lucky to have you and so am I. Congratulations, I’m so happy for you.
  • I never thought I’d get the chance to see my mom/dad get married. I’m so glad to be here to see you shine under the glow of this love. I’m so happy for you. Congratulations.
  • Getting married is a big step and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this chapter in your life.
  • To my daughter: I’ve never seen you look more radiant, more beautiful or happier than you do right now. Congratulations.
  • Every parent hopes their child will grow up and find someone who loves them as much as we love you. Our hopes have been exceeded and we’re overjoyed to share this day with you.
  • What’s so amazing about our family is that the more it grows, the better it becomes. Welcome to the family.
  • Watching you grow up has been the best thing in my life. Seeing you today, having found someone so special, is even better. I’m so happy for you.
  • The love this family shares is unlike anything else. How fortunate are we to have a new son/daughter to love.
  • Sisters are more than family. They’re best friends. Today I celebrate the friend that you are, the wonderful person you’ve found and the love you share. Congratulations!

 Religious wedding wishes

  • Bound by love, blessed by God. Congratulations on your wedding.
  • In holy matrimony you join and by God’s grace you walk life’s path together. Best wishes.
  • Wishes for a joyous day and a blessed wedding. Congratulations!
  • Blessed by love, married under God. A match made in heaven. Happy wedding day.
  • Bells ring and angels sing in celebration of this special day. May God’s grace be with you now and always.

Funny wedding wishes

  • Congratulations to a couple that just completed the hardest part of marriage: planning the wedding.
  • A toast for the happy couple! Personally, I think champagne’s the better choice, but, hey, it’s your wedding!
  • We’re so happy about your wedding, we could cry. Even the cake is in tiers!
  • What’s the one thing you can count on when two musicians get married? You’ll always be in a chord. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations to the couple voted most likely to do the “Dirty Dancing” lift during the wedding dance.
  • It's an open bar, right? Kidding, of course! Congratulations to the happy couple!
  • Taco ‘bout a wedding! Here’s to a lifetime of frozen margaritas.
  • When you marry someone, you marry their entire family. Hope you bought extra towels.
  • Congratulations on your legal, binding agreement. You’re officially a pair from here on out.
  • Congratulations, you can now file jointly. Happy W-2 to you!
  • The two of you are like shoes, solemates forever.
  • You deserve each other — and that's a good thing. Congratulations.