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Is it rude to uninvite wedding guests who miss your RSVP date?

Something old, something new, something borrowed ... something overdue?
RSVP card
For some wedding guests, a RSVP deadline is treated as a suggestion.Getty Images / iStockphoto

Wedding etiquette is often a tricky topic to navigate.

While some rules, like avoiding wearing white as a guest, go without saying, other wedding guidelines are a bit more ambiguous.

Take invitations, for example. When guests are slow to RSVP to an invite, the delay can cause complications for both the couple and their vendors.

So, what's a busy bride to do?

In an X post, user Chi Chi asked others to weigh in on the etiquette issue.

"So a couple sent out wedding invitations with a RSVP deadline (very reasonable timelines)," she wrote. "Guests who RSVP’d after the date were told RSVP is closed, guests had missed the deadline & as a consequence will miss their wedding. Final numbers had been turned in."

"What do you think?" she asked followers.

Many commenters backed the couple's decision to trim their final headcount.

"I love it, one X user replied. "They stood their ground, their wedding, their rules."

Others felt that the response was too harsh.

"It is who we have turned into as humans. Sad. I hope my life never prioritizes a calendar over love and friendship," an X user wrote.

In a follow-up post, Chi Chi shared the RSVP notification in question.

"Love this," an X user replied. "Guest expenses are a big factor for weddings/receptions."

"That’s fair. Weddings usually charge per plate so I don’t blame em at all. And they probably sent those invites way in advance," another X user wrote.

An X user summed it up in the comments: "They’re not wrong at all. Boundaries."

Do you agree that missing the RSVP date merits rescinding the wedding invite entirely, or do you think that the couple was too harsh? Weigh in below.