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15 date ideas for couples who love the great outdoors

These activities will add a sense of adventure to your love life.
A man and woman on a picnic
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If the dating scene doesn't already fill you with adrenaline, these adventurous outdoor date ideas certainly will.

Going on outdoor dates has many benefits for couples, according to relationship therapist and coach Jaime Bronstein, LCSW. Trying new things can bring couples closer, whether you and your partner just met or have been together for more years than you can count.

“When you have novel experiences together, it does so much for you as a couple," Bronstein says. "It adds excitement. Sometimes people need to bring the spark back."

Additionally, no matter the season, outdoor dates are a great way to get a dose of Vitamin D, which Bronstein describes as a “natural mood-lifter.”

“It literally makes us happy,” she says. “It increases our seratonin and dopamine.”

Going on adventures together adds depth to your relationship. "Memories, and having a history together, are what make relationships so special and unique," she says.

Nature lovers and adrenaline junkies alike will enjoy spending time with their special someone in the great outdoors.

Drawing on her 20 years of experience as a relationship coach, Bronstein spoke with about her favorite alfresco date ideas.

Here are 15 of the best outdoor date ideas for adventurous couples.

Go on a hike

Couple hikers
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This classic activity is a great date for couples who love the wilderness. According to Bronstein, being in nature together can be an amazing experience. “A lot of times, a couple will go on a hike and almost feel transformed at the end," she says. "There’s something really magical that happens in nature.” Besides, Bronstein says that completing a hike will provide you both with a feeling of accomplishment.

Visit the farmer’s market

There's so much to see at a farmer's market, and picking out produce with your significant other is a delightfully wholesome date activity. Additionally, Bronstein says, it's a great opportunity to learn about each others' preferences.

Attend an outdoor concert

Couple at a music festival
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Attending an outdoor concert together is a great low-pressure date idea for both early relationships and established couples. “Music is a feel-good experience," Bronstein says. Concerts also provide the perfect excuse to dance together.

Organize a rock climbing trip

Rock climbing selfie
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This adrenaline-filled date idea is not for the faint of heart — or the inexperienced. However, if you both enjoy the thrill, it's a great way to flex your athletic abilities together. “It’s a great opportunity to cheer each other on,” Bronstein says. Additionally, the challenging sport will reveal the strength of your bond: “It’s a really good way to test out how safe you feel with this date.”

Go on a long walk

Couple taking a walk
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This low-key, low-tech date is a great way to truly connect with your partner. “It’s a wonderful, organic, natural way to feel someone’s essence and get to know them," Bronstein says. With nothing to do but take in the sights and talk to each other, couples will leave this date feeling especially connected to each other. "That’s when people start to fall [in love] even more, because everything else is stripped away," she says.

Bungee jump

This date comes with a disclaimer: Bronstein doesn't recommend trying some of the more intimidating activities on this list for a first date. However, if you and your partner are looking for exciting new experiences to share, going bungee jumping is certain to be a memorable date. “It’s a thrill when you get to do that together,” she says.

Have a picnic

A man and woman on a picnic
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"It's so cliché, but it's so cute," Bronstein says. There's a reason that picnics are such a classic date idea: picnics combine the intimacy of a dinner date with the beauty of the outdoors. For an even more romantic date, Bronstein recommends setting up your picnic in the sand at a nearby beach.

Go camping

Camping outdoors together may seem like a daunting concept, especially if you and your partner haven't been dating for long. Leaving the creature comforts of the city can be tough, and everyone has heard horror stories of flooded tents or animal encounters. However, Bronstein says that challenges provide opportunities to get know your partner better. “When people go camping things go wrong," she says. “You get to see how you’re going to work together when you work through things." Of course, if you're more of an indoorsy type, there's nothing wrong with glamping, either.

Ride your bikes

Mountain bikers
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Adding exercise to your dates is a great way to get your blood pumping. “Cardio is very good for getting your body and hormones moving," Bronstein says. After taking in the scenery and working up a sweat, you and your partner can also pick a restaurant destination and finish your ride with a home-cooked meal.

Go on a hay ride

Going on a hay ride is a perfect fall activity for new couples. Bronstein describes hay ride dates as "cute, festive, and fun." The frosty air will give you and your partner an excuse to snuggle close to each other, and you can enjoy a warm mug of apple cider or hot chocolate afterwards.

Watch the sunrise (or sunset)

Couple during sunset
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Could there be anything more perfect than experiencing the beauty and wonder of nature with your partner? "The cool thing about a sunrise or a sunset is that you get to be in awe together," Bronstein says. Enjoying the sunset together is a gorgeous way to end an evening date, and watching the sunrise together will start both of your mornings on a joyful note.

Sit by a bonfire

For Bronstein, chilly temperatures are perfect for romance: “You get to cuddle!” Whether you’re (safely) stoking the fire in your own backyard or attending a community event, sitting by the bonfire will definitely fan the flames of romance. You can even roast s’mores together for added sweetness. "Chocolate on a date is always a good thing," Bronstein says.

Pick apples

Couple apple picking
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Another classic fall date idea, Bronstein recommends apple picking for couples who enjoy the charms of the countryside. Afterwards, you can make dessert with of the apples you gathered and savor a sweet treat together.

Imbibe at a rooftop bar

If hiking and biking aren't your thing, there are still amazing options for outdoor dates. Sitting at a local rooftop bar is the perfect way to get some fresh air together without too much exertion. “There’s usually a wonderful view, which is romantic," Bronstein points out. Plus, she says, what's more romantic than a rooftop kiss?

Go kayaking

Couple rowing canoe on still lake
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Kayaking is another sporty date idea that will either test or strengthen your bond. “You have to work together,” Bronstein says. If you and your partner don't coordinate, you could both end up drenched. However, Bronstein doesn't think that's such a bad outcome: “Even things that feel like disasters are building memories." For a more laid-back date, try a relaxed boating day on a lake. Either way, you can both enjoy the sunset shimmering across the water.