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Hoda says she knows with 'certainty' she will meet a special someone soon

She's previously said she is open to dating again.

Hoda Kotb says she knows her next love is on the way.

“I know with certainty — and it’s the strangest feeling to know that,” she told People in a story published June 1.

“Like, I can sometimes feel him, but I don’t see what he looks like, but I feel like it will happen," she described. "So if someone is like, ‘Maybe you’ll meet someone by Christmas….’ Maybe! I’m not on the hunt, but I have a weird, like, tingly Spidey-sense about it.”

The TODAY co-anchor has not been in a relationship since she and her former fiancé, Joel Schiffman, parted ways. Hoda shared the news of their breakup on TODAY with Hoda and Jenna in January of 2022.

“We had a lot of prayerful and really meaningful conversations over the holidays and we decided that we’re better as friends and parents than we are as an engaged couple,” she said at the time.

“It’s not like something happened," she said. "They say sometimes relationships are meant to be there for a reason or a season or for a lifetime and I feel like ours was meant to be there for a season."

A couple of months later, in May, Hoda told People she hadn't given up on dating.

"I have an open heart," she told the outlet.

“I know at some point, and I can see it, it will happen," she added.

Several months later, in October, Jenna volunteered to set Hoda up with someone, unsure of if Hoda was ready.

“I want to set you up,” Jenna told her on their show.

“OK. I want to be set up,” Hoda replied.

“What?” Jenna said, astonished.

“I want to be set up,” Hoda said again.

“I have chills!” Jenna exclaimed. “That is a challenge that I am going to go for.”