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A groom wore a VR headset in his wedding photos and the internet has opinions

His wife's reaction went viral.
A groom wore a VR headset in his wedding photos
Newlyweds Jacob and Cambree Wright pose for wedding photos together.@jahvascript via Twitter

Something old, something new, something space-age, too? Newlywed Jacob Wright donned an unconventional accessory during his February wedding in South Jordan, UT.

Wright, a software engineer, had previously discussed wearing his new Apple Vision Pro headset in wedding photos with his now-wife, Cambree, before their Feb. 10 wedding ceremony.

“I’d been, like, trying to convince her like, 'it’d be so fun,' and 'it’d be such a good meme' because I kind of felt like it would go viral,” he says.

Despite Cambree's initial hesitation, Jacob decided to go for it once the two were officially wed and the ceremony was through.

“We were winding down photos with our wedding photographer after the ceremony and everything, and most people were kind of like, dipping out. I had my Apple Vision Pro in the car, so while my wife was doing her bridal photos, I just ran and grabbed it,” he says.

When Jacob shared a photo of himself wearing a VR headset in the professional photos, he had a feeling it would grab attention.

"I kind of knew that was gonna blow up," he tells

Wright didn't quite expect that people would still be so interested — or so opinionated.

"It kind of blew away our expectations," he says.

As Jacob's X post gained traction, commenters frequently pointed out Cambree's less-than-thrilled expression in the images.

However, Cambree says that her displeased demeanor stemmed from the chilly outdoor temperatures, rather than her husband's antics.

"Everyone had left, so I didn't really care," she says. "I actually thought it was kind of funny, especially since it shows who Jacob is and his interests. I wasn't mad at all. I was just cold."

After the photo went viral, Cambree was inundated with messages questioning their relationship or even encouraging her to leave the marriage.

"We're very happily married," she says, laughing. "I was very surprised to wake up to a bunch of people messaging me telling me to divorce Jacob. It was a little bit crazy."

Many commenters assumed that Jacob wore the headset during the ceremony, but the couple clarifies that he only wore it for a few post-ceremony photos.

"That would be a huge problem," Cambree says. "That's not what happened."

Jacob, a self-described "tech evangelist," actually ended up returning the Apple Vision Pro headset after the wedding because it "felt like a chore to use."

"I was trying super hard the first two weeks to get it into my daily use. Like, I spent an entire workday using it to see if I could eke out any type of productivity. And I just could not," he says.

Does Jacob have any regrets about immortalizing the headset in their wedding photos?

"I think my kids are gonna be proud that I was an early adopter," he says, adding that he hopes to turn the VR footage into a hologram someday so that the whole family can watch it together.

"I think that they'll be grateful that I wore some silly goggles for a little bit."