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20 fun double date ideas for when you want to switch things up

Send one of these ideas to another couple and get something on the books, stat.

Double dates really give you the best of both worlds. You get the enjoyment of hanging out with friends and the pleasure of spending quality time with your partner — all at once.

“Double dates can be an interesting and unique way to spend time with your significant other, as well as your friends. It can bring couples closer together and create lasting memories," Joni Ogle, CSAT, licensed clinical social worker and CEO of The Heights Treatment, tells

When done right, double dates can also help newer relationships blossom — and eventually, bloom. According to Barbie Adler, the founder and president of Selective Search, a leading luxury matchmaking firm, going on double dates can be a great way to keep the conversation flowing and reduce nerves in a new relationship. “However, it is important to be selective about the couple you choose for the double date,” Adler tells “Consider who you want to share your new relationship with, and be attentive to shared interests and personalities that will blend well."

This interaction can also shed new light on your partner and how they treat others outside of your relationship (which can be a major green or red flag). It “will naturally bring diverse perspectives and topics to the table, and this will help you learn more about your partner and their view on the world,” Dr. Rachel Hoffman, a licensed clinical social worker and the chief clinical officer at Real, tells

Ready to have twice the fun during your next date night? Reach out to one of your favorite couples and suggest one of the following double date ideas.

Do a tasting experience

Don’t want to cook, but tired of the same-old, same-old? Amber Lee, dating expert and cofounder of Select Date Society, suggests going to a wine or food tasting. Compare taste buds, chat about what you like, and experience new drinks and food. 

Get active

Engage in some friendly competition at a sports hall or bar. Adler recommends playing classic games that everyone knows like billiards, darts, bocce or pickleball. Make it a challenge by having the losing couple get the next round of food or drinks.

Sing your heart out at karaoke

Sing — terribly or not — at your local karaoke bar or host a night of karaoke at home. “You’ll reminisce over past eras as you choose your favorite songs to belt out publicly,” Lee says.

Let these stage-worthy moments remain as memories — for your eyes only. “Pledge to not record anyone singing if you want your friendships and relationships to remain intact," Lee adds.

Go bowling

Bowling is in a league of its own when it comes to good double date activities. “You don’t have to be an expert in order to play, making it perfect for all levels of skill and experience,” Ogle says. Let yourself get competitive, buy some snacks and see who can get the most strikes. 

Bring your furry friends

Why not make it a triple date and invite your furry friends to the party? Go to your local dog park or take a hike with your pups while you compare tips on everything from trainers to groomers. It will be a great day out in the sun for humans and dogs alike, according to Lee.

Host a board game night

You can’t go wrong with a wholesome game of Monopoly, according to Hoffman. Each couple can bring their favorite board game (card games work too!) so you can really make a night of it. Fuel up with some pizza and other finger foods.

Trek up a mountain 

Head into the great outdoors for a very active and scenic double date. Hoffman recommends hiking as an excellent option for couples who want to get to know one another and bond through a mutually enjoyable activity. 

Do an outdoor scavenger hunt

Maybe you moved somewhere new or are taking a day trip — whatever the case, why not plan an outdoor scavenger hunt? Ogle's recommendation: Each couple competes to find different monuments, attractions and shops in town. Whoever checks everything off their list first, wins.

Enjoy brunch

If you want to keep things low-key, Lee suggests swapping dinner for brunch. Order mimosas for the table, get towering pancakes, and enjoy the bliss of good people and hearty food.  

Head to a local museum

Have an after-hours double date at your local museum. While you can always check out the art on display, Lee suggests attending a jazz night, happy hour or another adults-only offering instead. Even a nice curator talk would be a fun way to switch things up.

Sign up for a cooking class

"Learning how to make delicious food together is the perfect way for couples to bond, have fun, and make memories,” Ogle says. “You can also acquire knowledge about different cultures and cuisines.” The best part? You get to have a great meal together after. 

Host a potluck dinner party

Host a dinner party where each person or couple brings a part of the meal. One person can make appetizers, another can do dessert and so on. As you try each other’s cooking, Lee suggests discussing the process of making each dish and going from there.

Visit an interesting exhibit

“Going to a museum is a fun activity that can be full of surprises as you explore different eras and cultures,” Ogle says. See if any new exhibits have opened or revisit an old favorite and take everyone along for the ride.

Take in some art

Art is everywhere. Check out a sculpture garden, art gallery, local craft fair, you name it. “These venues provide excellent conversation starters and insight into artistic preferences or interests,” Adler says. Take home a postcard or magnet to remember the day. 

Get a thrill at a theme park

Adventure seekers, this one’s for you. Why not spend a day riding roller coasters and eating too much cotton candy? Go to a local boardwalk or large theme park to see what type of thrill-seeker everyone is, says Lee. At the end of the day, you’ll know based on who screamed the most. 

Have a picnic

Soak up the sunshine and picnic in the park — or a sculpture garden, for that matter. “Enjoying some time outdoors while having some delicious snacks is always a good idea,” Ogle says. “Get some fresh air and appreciate the beauty of nature while sharing stories and jokes.” 

Take a weekend trip

Let’s be clear: This idea is only for well-established couples looking to go on a double date with people they know well. If this is you, pack your bag and head somewhere beautiful even if it’s just a few towns away — for a weekend. As Hoffman explains, it can build greater intimacy between you and your partner as you experience this time away from home and with another couple.

Get tickets to a concert

There’s something so wonderful about seeing a musician with people who are as into their music as you are. Is there an artist that you all love who is coming to town soon? Grab tickets to their next show for a rocking double date, says Hoffman. 

Attend a tailgate

There’s something especially fun about rooting for your favorite team with your partner and friends, according to Lee. Try to get tickets to a game near you or even head to a local bar to watch your favorite teams face off. If you’re at a stadium, make a day of it and join a tailgate party in the parking lot.

Check out a specialty market

Hit up a local market that's been on your list. If it’s a food market, Adler suggests turning it into a mini food tour. If it’s an antique fair, see who can find the most unique item of the bunch.