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25 anniversary date ideas that your partner will love, according to relationship experts

Whether you want a romantic night at home or fun day out on the town.

Your anniversary is on the horizon. What to do? Settling on a fun and thoughtful date idea is no easy feat. In fact, sometimes we even put so much pressure on ourselves that we end up dropping the ball and not planning anything at all. Well, not this year.

Planning a well-thought-out anniversary date is a great way to show just how much you appreciate your partner. “It can be easy to get caught up in the daily routine of life, so taking the time to plan a special date night to celebrate your relationship can be a way of letting each other know how important you are to each other,” Jessie Alderson, co-founder and relationship expert at So Syncd, tells “It’s a way of taking a step back and thinking about the big picture.”

Really, a well-planned date is an extension of your love.

"As we all live busy lives, our loved ones must know their importance,” Marley Howard, LMFT, tells “An anniversary is a joyous event that allows a couple to leave their routine and reflect on a moment that changed their lives together.”

And whatever date you settle on, don’t forget to buy them a heartfelt anniversary gift and card. Putting your love into words goes a long way, and it's something your partner will cherish for years to come.

Whether it’s your first year or 10th together, here are sweet things to do on your special day.

Revisit your first date

“You might arrange to meet where you first met, or you can replicate your first date,” Howard says. If you live together, get ready separately and meet at the destination. The anticipation of seeing your better half will make the date even better, according to Howard.

Have a romantic picnic in a local park or at the beach

A classic, but a goodie: “Pack your favorite snacks, drinks, and meals and head to the closest park or beach for an intimate picnic to celebrate your anniversary,” Alderson says. “Make sure to bring a blanket, some comfy seating options and some romantic tunes.”

Design a romantic scavenger hunt with a sentimental gift at the end

“On our first anniversary, my husband was out of town. I woke up to a note on the kettle that said ‘look under the stuffed monkey in the den.’ So I did. There I found a clue, and then another, that led to a silver foil wrapped parcel. Inside were moonstone earrings he’d made for me at a DIY jewelry shop," Dr. Cheryl Fraser, PhD, author of “Buddha’s Bedroom: The Mindful Loving Path to Sexual Passion and Lifelong Intimacy” and host of the “Sex, Love & Elephants” podcast, tells

Of course, if you’re in town to watch your loved one’s face light up when they unwrap their gift, all the better.

Hit the town on a scavenger hunt

Or try this riff on the above where you actually do activities at each stop on the hunt. “With a little creativity, think of some places that have been special to you as a couple” Tammy Shaklee, a certified matchmaker and founder of H4M Matchmaking, tells “Put a little set of clues together to make for one enjoyable evening,” she says, adding that you should take a photo at each stop to have something to remember the evening. 

Visit a local winery or brewery 

Craft beer or wine? Alderson suggests visiting a local winery or brewery for a tour and tasting session for a fun anniversary date. “This is a great way to discover new flavors and learn about the process of making your favorite drinks,” she says.

Have a double date

Think outside the box and consider a double date for your anniversary outing, especially since spending time with another couple can strengthen your own bond. More than likely, there has been a key couple (maybe older and mentor-like, or maybe younger and fun) who have helped you both navigate your relationship, says Shaklee.“Host them to a lovely dinner either homemade or at a restaurant and laugh about the good times and be grateful that the hard times have come with help of others. How blessed we are to have friends makes life even richer. “

Go on a short road trip 

Leave town for a little R & R. "Make a day of discovering somewhere new by taking a brief road trip,” dating expert Chris Pleines tells If you don’t have a car, take public transit or a ride-share service.

Cook dinner together

It’s a simple act, but a meaningful one at that. “The art of cooking a romantic dinner is all about the details. Think about choosing a delicious recipe together, setting the mood with candles and soft music, and preparing a special meal you love,” Matthew King, the CEO of True Pheromones, tells

For a nice touch, surprise your partner by picking up a bottle of their favorite wine or nonalcoholic beverage, and buying or making their go-to dessert.

Enjoy a movie night at home

“Another fun and affordable anniversary date idea is to have a movie night at home,” says King, who adds that you can even combine this idea with the cooking dinner idea by using a romantic movie to inspire your meal. “Whether you’re curled up on the couch or sitting at the dining table, watching a movie and enjoying a delicious dinner is always a fun way to celebrate an anniversary.” 

Volunteer together

Do something bigger than yourselves on your anniversary. Either lend your time to a local organization you’ve worked with before or look up local charities in your area with volunteer opportunities available that appeal to both of you. “It will also reconnect you with each other,” Howard adds.

Go to an outdoor concert or festival

It might not be on your actual anniversary date, but that’s OK. Having something to look forward to as a couple is always welcome. “Whether you attend a music festival or walk around town at night while enjoying some live street performers, being outside in a fun and festive environment is a great way to celebrate your relationship,” King says. “Fundraising concerts or events are also perfect for couples looking to give back."

Plan a whole weekend together

Yes, it requires some advance planning, but tell your sweetheart to clear their schedule and let you handle the rest. “Show your love by giving the gift of time and presence," Fraser suggests. “Romantic cabin by the lake with a roaring fire? Glamorous hotel with a martini bar? Yacht cruise? Choose a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Watch the sunset

The best things in life are wild and free, as they say. “Is there anything more romantic than watching the sunset? Look for a nearby area that is ideal for watching the sunset, and once there, spread out a tailored blanket or simply sit in your car to watch the sun go down,” Pleines says. 

Take a walk in your neighborhood

It’s the little things that matter most in a relationship, and something as seemingly quotidian as walking around your area can feel special when you’re doing it with someone you love. Head to some places you cherish together, whether it's a nearby park or the neighborhood that you first called home.

Relive your wedding  

If you’re married, this is an anniversary date idea that will really tug at your heartstrings. “Most couples have little recollection of the big day. After all, being emotional, anxious, and distracted interfere with memory formation,” Fraser says. “For this date, pull out your photos, watch your wedding video, and recreate the meal you so painstakingly planned. Stand together and repeat your vows. After all, you’d marry this person all over again, right?”

Stay at a bed and breakfast

“You don’t have to go far to enjoy the tranquility of a weekend retreat. Getting out of your usual routine will liven things up and allow you more time to focus on each other," Pleines says. Brownie points if you call the B&B in advance to let them know it’s your anniversary so they arrange flowers, champagne, chocolates or something along those lines.

Laze in bed and watch movies

Yes, it’s allowed — just make it special.  “There are lots of couples who love to enjoy [time relaxing] and rest,” Howard says. For this date, she suggests having breakfast in bed and watching movies together. To elevate things, light some candles and dot the room with fresh flowers.

Go on a hike or nature walk

Whether it’s out on an easy trail or something a bit more challenging, you can take in the fresh air and enjoy some quality time together,” Alderson says, adding that this is a great way to connect and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Try a tasting menu

Shaklee says that couples should find out if any restaurants nearby offer a special chef’s tasting menu. Having your dishes already selected “creates a relaxed evening, and all you have to do is enjoy it and each other’s company." Restaurants that offer tasting experiences are normally used to hosting people for special occasions, so be sure to let them know you’re celebrating an anniversary in advance.

Get a couple’s massage

Who doesn’t love being pampered? All the better if you do it together. “For a relaxed and peaceful anniversary date, book a couple’s massage at your favorite spa,” Alderson says. “Make the most of the spa facilities after your massages too. You’ll come away feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and connected.”

Have a spa date at home

To save money, recreate the relaxing oasis of a spa in the comfort of your own home. “Nothing beats treating each other to neck massages, fragrant oils, scented candles or drifting off in a fruit bath,” Pleines says.

Engage in a phones-free experience

The idea is simple: Put your phones and other technology away for the duration of the date. “Turn off devices, leave the laptop at home, and truly give this day and night the same importance as you did one year ago,” Shaklee says, stressing that it's important to be present on your anniversary (and every single day, for that matter).

Get your adrenaline pumping

Do something adventurous and out of the ordinary together.

“After many years together, you might start to take your partner for granted a bit. After all, novelty is exciting and familiarity is well…not!” Fraser says. “Research shows that we find our partner more attractive (and vice versa) when we are stimulated by a date that is out of the usual ‘dinner and a movie’ box. Not only will you have fun, this type of adventure date recreates some of the novelty and discovery that made you fall in love with this marvelous person in the first place.”

Visit an animal shelter and adopt a pet  

If animals are the way to their heart, then this is a solid option. “In addition to celebrating each other, anniversaries are about adding new special memories to the story of us,” Fraser says. “Love is a renewable resource — there is always more to share."

Maybe you even leave with a new family member. "Bonus points if you name it after the best man or the signature cocktail you chose for the big day.”

Go stargazing

There's something romantic about gazing at the stars with your sweetheart. "Bring along some binoculars for better viewing or a telescope if you have one,” Alderson says. “Drive to a nearby spot away from the city lights or find a local observatory to take your stargazing to the next level.”