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Actor cleverly uses an old commercial to pull off a viral proposal

The couple explains to how the creative ask came together.
David Lautman and Megan Wang met on the set of a commercial two years ago.
David Lautman and Megan Wang met on the set of a commercial two years ago.Courtesy Megan Wang
/ Source: TODAY

This cleverly-crafted proposal is so good, it deserves an Oscar, according to TikTok.

In a now viral video, Megan Wang shared a snippet of her fiancé's surprise marriage proposal, which she unintentionally filmed. The unexpected moment resulted in belly-cramping laughter from the two of them.

The 31-year-old wrote on the post that she began filming her TV screen when she saw an old commercial starring both her and her partner, David Lautman, 35. Shocked that the commercial appeared to be re-airing without her knowledge, Wang eventually realized the video she was watching at home was an extended version.

Wang and Lautman spoke to about how the proposal “commercial” came to be and their reaction to the video's nearly 4 million likes and 11,000 comments.

A fake commercial turned real engagement

The commercial, which was originally for the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop, began with Wang and Lautman sitting in a field, discussing the device. The new version, however, cuts to a moment where Lautman's character is being pressed by the narrator on something he has to tell the woman sitting next to him.

Breaking the fourth wall, Lautman’s character begins speaking to the camera, eventually tossing a ring box to the “real life David.”

Lautman then pulls out a matching ring box and, laughing, stands up from the couch. Getting down on one knee, he asks Wang to marry him and she responds with “yeah, sure,” as they both continue to crack up.

Wang then shows the feline-inspired ring design to the camera and exclaims, “It’s a cat!”

Speaking with, Wang says she told Lautman that she had two requirements should he ever want to propose: There has to be a cat ring and it has to be funny.

“If I’m not laughing, I might say no,” Wang says of the conversation with her now fiancé. “It has to be really funny.”

Courtesy Megan Wang

As for the behind-the-scenes of the proposal, Wang explains that Lautman wanted to watch TV, but she wasn't interested. As she sat scrolling social media, she says she was caught off guard by their old commercial.

At first, Wang says she was “really mad” that they would be airing the ad two years later without compensating the couple. She opened the camera on her phone and started recording “for evidence.”

“When it comes to the extended cut, I’m actually confused because I’m like, ‘There’s more? No one recorded me for an extended cut.’ I was like, ‘They used him for more commercials?’” she says. “I didn’t get it for so long until he said ‘future David’ and I was like holy ‘Black Mirror.’”

As for Lautman, he says he went into the proposal cool as ever, until the moment when he got down on one knee.

“The second I ‘caught’ the ring box and turned around and proposed, I was shaking,” he says.

The couple met on the set of the commercial two years ago and even referred to each other as “work husband and wife.” After shooting wrapped, they stayed in touch and started hanging out as friends, which eventually transitioned into a romantic relationship.

Courtesy Megan Wang

How Lautman created the proposal commercial

Lautman, an actor, has experience in production and editing, skills that lent themselves to remaking the video ahead of his proposal.

“I had to secretly edit at night after (Wang) went to sleep. So I spent a few hours every night,” he says, adding that he told Wang that he had to stay up late to work on his “finances.”

Once the video was ready, Lautman screen-mirrored the doctored clip from his phone onto his TV and waited for Wang to notice.

The resulting feedback from TikTok users

In the 11,000 comments on TikTok, users can't get enough of the sweet moment.


“Idk if I’ve ever seen a couple cracking up during a proposal,” another commented with two crying-laughing emoji. “But him in the background (on the screen) has me weak.”

Courtesy Megan Wang

“The thinkpad lenovo commercial models are getting married,” another wrote with the crying emoji.

Another commented, “This is hands down THE BEST proposal i’ve ever seen. very thoughtful, funny, private, not awkward. JUST PERFECT congrats!!”

The couple reacted to one comment, though, that they say was too accurate: “Y'all are so unserious,” a person wrote with the crying-laughing emoji.

“I think we are (so unserious). I think that’s kind of the key to life,” Lautman says. “So many people take life so seriously ... and the world can be so divisive.”

Lautman says it was especially fitting that the proposal happened on the couch at home. “It’s all about having a good time and just not taking life too seriously,” he says.