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The internet is divided! Vote now on the latest topics sparking debate

Should you split the bill evenly at dinner? Would you try a "water recipe”? And does spoon type truly matter? We want your opinions!

We've all been there: that one topic that has our group chats spending hours debating and our social media feeds fired up. For a new segment on Hoda & Jenna, TODAY wants to hear your opinion on the latest hot topics that have the internet divided. Catch up on all the latest conundrums below — and cast your vote now! We'll be sharing the results on an upcoming episode of the show.

Which spoon would you choose? Viral TikTok stirs up debate

A TikToker in the U.K. has started a viral debate, and the scoop comes straight from their cutlery drawer.

Earlier this year, TikTok user shared a video that has since garnered nearly 11 million views. In the video, the user posed a seemingly simple question about utensil preferences that stirred up quite a conversation.

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I don’t drink. Should I still split the bill evenly at a group dinner? Etiquette expert weighs in

In a recent "Mealtime with Mister Manners," our weekly column that delves into a smorgasbord of dining-etiquette dilemmas, one reader submitted the following question:

Whenever my friends and I go out to dinner, we end up splitting the bill evenly. Is there any way I can tell them I can’t afford to be paying for their multi-course meals?

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#WaterTok: Why ‘water recipes’ are taking over TikTok

On Shelby Hobbs’ dresser sits a Lazy Susan filled with every flavor of liquid syrup you can imagine, from raspberry to peach Bellini. Beside the syrups is a container packed to the brim with water flavoring packets including Strawberry Nerds and Crush Orange.

And next to those supplies is an empty space for Hobbs’ water bottle. So that whenever she’s thirsty, all she has to do is grab her cup, dump in her flavoring of choice and fill up the bottle with ice and water. But is this the key to hydration, or an extreme?

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