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TODAY anchors sum up their 2022 in a single word

Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Craig Melvin and more tried to land on one word that captured their past year — and it was a challenge.
/ Source: TODAY

2022 has been a momentous year on TODAY. From seeing Harry Styles perform on the plaza to channeling the spirit of Las Vegas for Halloween, the anchors have been busy with covering the news and trying to bring joy to viewers.

So when asked by to boil the past year down to one word, many of the anchors were understandably stumped.

"Oh, my gosh. One word that sums up my 2022..." Sunday TODAY host Willie Geist told "Oh my gosh, that's a lot to think about 15 seconds. What's happened to this year?"

"Sums up 2022..." co-anchor Hoda Kotb said, trailing off.

“OK...let’s see...” TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer pondered.

After some thought, here's how the TODAY hosts and anchors described their 2022 — in just one word.

Savannah Guthrie


"I want to give you the word, but it's so boring," Savannah says. "Interesting."

Hoda Kotb

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

"Transformative," Hoda says. "2022 was the year I found my voice."

Craig Melvin

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

"Rejuvenating," Craig says.

"The reality is, 2020 and 2021 sucked, for a myriad of reasons. We finally found ourselves crawling out of a pandemic, returning to some semblance of life, some semblance of business as usual," he says. "People went back to work, the kids are back in school full-time. It just it felt more normal than either of the previous two years. It was rejuvenating. I find myself more energetic right now than I did at this point last year."

Dylan Dreyer

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

"Milestones," Dylan says. "Watching my family go through so many wonderful milestones has been a blessing."

Carson Daly


"It felt like a rebound," Carson says.

"Rebound would be the word because of the two prior years of COVID ... you could feel (New York City) change," he continues. "I travel a lot to LA and it felt the same way. With business, with sports, with popular culture, with society — it felt like people were desperate to sort of rebound, to find and bring back that normalcy of life."

When asked to describe his year in one sentence, Carson says, "It's just another year of being the luckiest guy on television."

"Every year, it's never lost on me," he adds. "We're another year of 'The Voice,' another year of being on TODAY. Just another year of continuing to get to do what I love, is really a blessing."

Willie Geist

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

"Puppy," Willie shares. "We got a dog at the end of last year, but we really grew into him this year."

Jenna Bush Hager


"Joyful," Jenna says. "2022 has been filled with coming back together and happiness."