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91 funny Thanksgiving puns that'll have them yamming it up

Serve up the laughs with these corny one-liners about Turkey Day foods and traditions.

If you've been pie-ning for Thanksgiving, you aren't alone.

One of the best holidays of the year, Turkey Day is all about kicking back, indulging in an extra helping of stuffing and napping on the couch when all is said and done.

Of course, you can always start a new tradition by playing a Thanksgiving game with friends and family, or just hang out and watch movies while eating your pumpkin pie.

Whatever memories you make this year, if you take plenty of photos, you can caption them with a funny Thanksgiving pun on Instagram so the crew (near or far) can share in all the fun.

After all, you can never go wrong with a tongue-in-cheek dad joke, because even though they make everyone groan, they also bring all kinds of a-maizing laughs.

To get the knee-slapping started, we've got a collection of cute, funny and short Thanksgiving puns to post or share at the dinner table that are so funny, may not be-leaf it.

Better yet, all of 'em are just right for both kids and adults. There's no fowl language here, just good fun — because here at TODAY (wait for it)...that's how we casser-roll.

Cute Thanksgiving puns

  • My Thanksgiving sign is Pie-sces.
  • You're the gift that keeps on Thanks-giving.
  • Who needs a wine glass, when you've got a gobble-let?
Thanksgiving Puns
  • This corn dish is a-maizing!
  • Arrgh, I'm a pie-rate.
  • Talk turkey to me.
  • This turkey is poultry in motion.
  • Thanksgiving dinner: All in a holi-day's work.
Thanksgiving Puns
  • I confess, I'm pie-ning for you.
  • Seeing the turkey dressing always makes me blush.
  • That's how I casser-roll.

Funny Thanksgiving puns

  • What baseball position do turkeys play? First baste.
  • What do turkeys drink wine from? Gob-lets.
  • Did you hear about possessed turkey? It had a poultry-geist.
  • Beauty and the feast.
Thanksgiving Puns
  • Why are Pilgrims so popular? They’re a chip off the old rock.
  • Did you hear about the Pilgrim band? They’re called “New Kids on the Rock.”
  • What’s a Pilgrim’s favorite letter? The “C.”
  • Why did the Pilgrims stay in Plymouth? It was rockin’.
Thanksgiving Puns
  • What did the ocean say to the Pilgrims? Nothing, it just waved.
  • Last but not feast.
  • What flavor of ice cream do Pilgrims prefer? Rocky road.

Thanksgiving turkey puns

  • Turkey deeds done dirt cheap.
  • Whatever floats your gravy boat.
  • No turkey this year? I suspect fowl play!
  • Did you hear about the turkey that went into IT? It was a technical fowl.
Thanksgiving Puns
  • Did you hear about the spontaneous turkey? It decided to wing it.
  • Did hear about the cursing turkey? It had a fowl mouth.
  • Did you hear about the poultry convention? They brought in a turkey-note speaker.
  • You hold the tur-key to my heart!
  • Did you hear about the sick turkey? It was feeling under the feather.
Thanksgiving Puns
  • How’d the turkey know it was going to snow? It got a winter feather advisory.
  • Why did the turkeys cancel school? There was going to be fowl weather.
  • Pour some gravy on me.

Thanksgiving food puns

  • It’s much ado about stuffing.
  • Silence of the yams.
  • It’s all or stuffing.
  • Did you hear about the stuffing costume? It was dressing in disguise.
Thanksgiving Puns
  • I yam legend.
  • I’m on a dinner roll.
  • Where do cranberries get soft serve? At the Berry Queen.
  • In every life, a little cranberry must fall.
  • Who comes when little cranberries lose a tooth? The Tooth Berry.
  • Did you hear about the maize comedian? He only tells corny jokes.
  • I’ve got stuffing to lose.
Thanksgiving Puns
  • It’s everything or stuffing.
  • You ain’t seen stuffing yet!
  • Here I yam!
  • I yam what I yam.
  • Baby, I was corn this way!
Thanksgiving Puns
  • Corn in the U.S.A.
  • A star is corn.
  • Baby, we were corn to run.
  • Corn to be wild.

Thanksgiving pie puns

  •  Do or pie.
  •  Pie, pie Birdy!
  • Get rich or pie trying.
  • Pie me a river.
  • Did you hear about the pumpkin pie that apologized? It was a piece offering.
  • Don’t pie over spilled milk.
Thanksgiving Puns
  • Old habits pie hard.
  • What did one pie say to the other? "You wanna piece of me?"
  • I only have pies for you.
  • No more Mr. Nice Pie!
  • Did you hear about the feuding desserts? They didn’t see pie to pie.

Pumpkin puns

  • Mama, I’m pumpkin home!
  • We’re pumpkin apart at the seams!
  • Don’t make me do pumpkin I’ll regret.
  • I think you just might be onto pumpkin…
  • Pumpkin sure smells good in here!
Thanksgiving Puns
  • This could be the start of pumpkin big.
  • It’s all pumpkin back to me now.
  • Pumpkin’s gotta give.
  • You’re pumpkin special.
  • There’s always pumpkin there to remind me.
  • Pumpkin spice and everything nice.

More fall puns

  • Let the gourd times roll.
  • Be-leaf it or not, it’s Thanksgiving.
  • Fall you need is love!
Thanksgiving Puns
  • Why did the leaf join the military? It answered the fall of duty.
  • Don’t fall us, we’ll fall you!
  • Let me fall you sweetheart.
  • Did you hear about the Thanksgiving buffet? It’s fall you can eat.
  • Well, that’s fall folks!
  •  Fall good things must come to an end.
  • It’s the fall of yet another season.
Thanksgiving Puns
  • Fall I want is you!
  • I’m at your beck and fall.
  • It’s fall you can eat!
  • It’s fall in the family.
  • Fall's well that ends well.