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White lights or colored lights, and more of Martha Stewart’s holiday dos and don’ts

The lifestyle mogul weighs in on holiday newsletters, Christmas decor and more.

No one does the holidays quite like Martha Stewart.

The lifestyle mogul and author of more than 95 how-to books on entertaining, cooking and decorating, Stewart has been showing the rest of us how it's done for nearly 40 years.

The 81-year-old recently stopped by TODAY and talked with Hoda and Jenna about the upcoming holidays, including her plans for Thanksgiving and why she thinks celebrating it is important.

"I think we need Thanksgiving, I really do. It's just an uplifting remembering of good times passed," Stewart said.

In addition to joking around with "All I Want for Christmas is You" singer, Mariah Carey, Stewart told Hoda and Jenna that it's OK to listen to Christmas music at Thanksgiving since, according to Stewart, "there are no Thanksgiving songs."

Of course, we beg to differ since we've got a playlist chock full of songs for Turkey Day, so we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Thanksgiving songs aside, TODAY asked Stewart to weigh in on her holiday do's and don'ts, including Christmas newsletters, artificial trees and when it's too early to listen to Christmas music.

And, in the spirit of the season, Stewart shares her most embarrassing holiday faux pas of all time.

Yay or nay: The holiday newsletter

When it comes to sending out holiday greetings, Stewart told TODAY that her traditional Christmas card is usually a "really beautiful, visual card" with "wonderful photographs or a piece of artwork."

As for including a holiday newsletter or update in the card?

"My life is an open book. You can read about my life online, on Instagram," Stewart said. "You don't also have to see it on my Christmas card."

Christmas tree: Real or artificial?

"I absolutely prefer artificial trees now," she said. "I do not want needles all over my house."

Stewart said that in addition to being easier, having an artificial tree makes it so she doesn't have to worry about the tree drying out. "I actually set up trees in about four different places on my property and in four different houses."

Christmas tree lights: White or colored?

As for the kind of Christmas lights she uses? "I prefer all white," she said.

Should Christmas tree decorations match?

Can the tree decorations be random or should they match? They should match, Stewart said. Period.

Stewart said that when it comes to decorating trees, she sticks with a theme.

“I do gold trees, green trees, red trees, silver trees, pink trees, and they’re orchestrated to be very, very beautiful and have a cohesive design,” she said.

When is it OK to start listening to Christmas music?

"You can listen to Christmas music any time," Stewart said and explained that classical music especially, like Bach's "Christmas Oratorio" can be enjoyed year-round.

"Santa Baby" is the exception, however, for Stewart. That one might be best saved for "the week before," she said.

Stewart said "O Holy Night," is her go-to holiday carol.

Finally, what does Stewart think about listening to Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You?"

"Oh yes, of course," Stewart said. "I love Mariah Carey."

What's the biggest holiday mistake to make?

"The faux pas is to not take a walk after dinner," she said.

If you don't get outside and walk off all those pumpkin pie and gravy calories, Stewart said, you "won't be able to eat the turkey sandwich after dinner."

Stewart's most embarrassing holiday faux pas

Mistakes, we all make them, even Martha Stewart who was in charge of decorating the family Christmas tree when she was a child.

"One very sad Christmas tree, I used some leftover angel hair. It was pale blue and I wrapped my family tree in it."

How did it go over?

"We all thought it was the ugliest tree ever in history – and it was."