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28 easy family Halloween costume ideas that are fun for all ages

Find scary simple DIYs for groups of three, four, five and beyond.

Halloween takes on a whole new meaning as soon as you have your own little monsters — er, kids — running amok.

At one point in time, the haunted holiday was merely an afterthought (unless you've been obsessed with Halloween forever, of course). But now, as a parent, you're busy all October long getting your kids ready for the candy-filled day. There's pumpkins to paint, crafts to make and movies to watch, not to mention all of the other parties and social commitments filling up your calendar.

Even in the midst of the Halloween madness, carve out some time to browse through these family Halloween costume ideas. While it may be hard to get everyone to get agree on a group costume, we're confident that these costumes will please all parties — babies, toddlers, kids, teenagers and adults.

Below, find a bunch of easy-to-DIY costume ideas for families of three, four, five and beyond. Some are classic looks that have been around since you were child, while others are inspired by trending book, movie and TV characters.

Not sure if you have the time or skills to go homemade this year? We've included tons of no-sew costumes that can thrown together at the last minute with items you already have at home, aka they're incredibly cheap to make.

Just because they're easy to make doesn't mean you have to take on the work yourself. Have your kids pitch in, so they can be a part of the Halloween fun (and, let's face it, be entertained for a few minutes at least).

Whatever you choose, be prepared to be showered with compliments on Halloween — and all the weeks to follow, especially if you post a picture of your handiwork on Instagram.

Starbucks costume

kids dressed as starbucks drinks, milks and a cake pop
Arin Solange at Home

Now, this might just be the cutest Starbucks menu we've ever seen! Kids can choose between their favorite drinks — caffeinated or otherwise — while toddlers and babies can go as cake pops.

Get the tutorial at Arin Solange at Home.

Sun, flower, rainbow and cloud costume

sun flower rainbow and cloud halloween costume for family
Stephanie Hanna

Because after the rain comes sun ... and rainbows ... and flowers. And if you're a family of five or more, round out your weather report with a lightning bolt, snowflake, moon and more.

Get the tutorial at Stephanie Hanna.

'Jurassic Park' costume

jurassic park family halloween costume
Kelsie Bynum

Wear costumes that match the characters on the big screen or keep it more general with outdoorsy, island-friendly ensembles. On the plus side, at least this dinosaur looks way friendlier than the ones in the movie franchise.

See more at Keslie Bynum.

Fast food family costume

family dressed as burger king, wendys, mcdonalds and KFC for halloween
Sydney McNeill

Each family member can tailor their costume to their tastebuds. So, for example, if they think McDonald's fries are superior, they can dress as the chain's mascot.

See more at Sydney McNeill.

Cotton candy costume

family halloween costume ideas cotton candy
Ambushed With Boys

Who needs Halloween candy when you’ve got a costume as sweet as this? Poly-Fil and spray paint combine for a sugary-sweet concoction.

Get the tutorial at Ambushed With Boys.

Movie night costume

family halloween costume ideas movie night
Kids Activities

Upcycle old cardboard boxes and transform your family into a box of popcorn, movie projector and marquee.

Get the tutorial at Kids Activities.

'Wheel of Fortune' costume

family halloween costume ideas wheel of fortune
Shirley Lo

Take your family game night to the next level. Give "Vanna" pretty dress, then craft a wheel and puzzle board out of cardboard for a winning costume.

Get the tutorial at Shirley Lo.

Angel and devil costume

family halloween costume ideas angel and devil
Sydney So Sweet

Halloween is a great excuse to repurpose your kid’s dance recital costume. Here, a light-colored tutu with a halo headband and a red tutu with a black top and devil’s horns headband becomes the cutest good versus evil battle you’ve ever seen.

Get the tutorial at Sydney So Sweet.

Care Bears costume

family halloween costume ideas no-sew care bear
See Vanessa Craft

If October is chilly where you live, opt for a family costume that is as cozy as it is cute. Once you track down enough matching sweatsuits for the whole family, iron on Care Bear symbols for the given colors.

Get the tutorial at SeeVanessaCraft.

Bumblebee and ladybug costume

family halloween costume ideas ladybug and bumblebee
Sydney So Sweet

Add black spots to a red tutu and a yellow top to a black-and-yellow tutu for a lucky lady bug and a bumble bee you won’t mind buzzing around.

Get the tutorial at Sydney So Sweet.

'Baby Shark' costume

family halloween costume ideas baby shark diy
Maria Vavilova Photography for Shrimp Salad Circus

Light gray hoodies are anything but ordinary when you add some teeth to them. The song’s likely stuck on a loop in your head anyway, so you might as well turn it into a fun family costume that’s easy to do-do-do….

Get the tutorial at ShrimpSaladCircus.

'Peter Pan' costume

family halloween costume ideas peter pan and shadow
Ann Le Do

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell sure are cute, but it’s Peter’s shadow that steals the show here.

Get the tutorial at AnnLeDo.

'Lilo and Stitch' costume

family halloween costume ideas lilo and stitch
DIY Inspired

Can you really DIY Disney characters? You can when you whip up some “grass” skirts, pull on some bright floral shirts, and toss on a lei or two.

Get the tutorial at DIYInspired.

Crayons costume

family halloween costume ideas crayons
The House That Lars Built

These colorful kids are inspired by the book “The Day the Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywait. Everyone gets to pick their favorite color, but the hardest part will be convincing them to keep their hat —er, tip — on.

Get the tutorial at The House that Lars Built.

Super Mario Bros costume

family halloween costume ideas super mario bros
The Mom Creative

DIY meets a few power-ups (ready-made costumes) for an awesome family costume based on Super Mario Bros.

Get the tutorial at The Mom Creative.

'Jurassic Park' costume

family halloween costume ideas jurassic park
Sarah Halstead

With a bit of effort, a wheelchair can be transformed into a getaway Jeep from the “scary” dinosaurs at Jurassic Park.

Get the tutorial at Sarah Halstead.

Avocado toast costume

family halloween costume ideas avocado toast
Hello Wonderful

Start the day off right with a good breakfast costume, courtesy of paint and foam rolls.

Get the tutorial at Hello Wonderful.

Family circus costume

family halloween costume ideas circus
The Sweet Happy Life

The circus is a spectacle, but you can make a spectacular family costume with some gear you might already have in your closet.

Get the tutorial at This Sweet Happy Life.

"Ice Ice Baby" costume

family halloween costume ideas ice ice baby
Thinking Closet

Here's one way to get your family to “stop, collaborate and listen.” Grab some sunglasses and a couple of large clear plastic bags, and you’re halfway there.

Get the tutorial at Thinking Closet.

Rocker family costume

family halloween costume ideas rock band
Design Improvised

Make your family look like the real deal with a few vintage finds from the 80s.

Get the tutorial at Design Improvised.

LEGO costume

family halloween costume ideas LEGO
Kids Activities

If your kids are obsessed with LEGOS, then this costume is a no-brainer. Keep it simple by painting all the pieces in the same hue, or let everyone choose their own color.

Get the tutorial at Kids Activities.

'Crocodile Rock' costume

family halloween costume ideas crocodile rock
A Beautiful Mess

Talk about a fun play on words: A crocodile onesie, keyboard cut-out, white suit and lots of feathers come together in honor of “Crocodile Rock.” Elton would be proud.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

'Squid Game' costume

family halloween costume ideas squid game
Lola Lambchops

Fans of "Squid Game" will be thrilled to know that they won’t have to go into debt to create the unique mask worn by the workers.

Get the tutorial at Lola Lambchops.

Rag dolls costume

family halloween costume ideas rag dolls
A Beautiful Mess

Red yarn and colorful dresses are key in this adorable mother-daughter costume.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' costume

family halloween costume ideas charlie and the chocolate factory
Meaningful Mama

The classic children’s book gets the DIY treatment here with some store-bought items (like a blow-up suit!), some simple sewing patterns and a few household items.

Get the tutorial at Meaningful Mama.

Sweet treats costume

family halloween costume ideas sweet treats
Kristen Duke Photography

If you think DIY means lots of sewing, think again. Your family could look like this happy group of cookies and donuts without even having to thread a needle.

Get the tutorial at Kristen Duke Photography.

Stick figures costume

family halloween costume ideas stick figures
Life With Fingerprints

Who knew that electrical tape and white clothing could pair up for such a creative costume? Life With Fingerprints, that's who.

Get the tutorial at Life With Fingerprints.

Bird costume

family halloween costume ideas bird
Sweet Phi

Birds of a feather flock together — your family included. Draw some feathers on old white sheets or tablecloths, throw on a beak and fly!

Get the tutorial at Sweet Phi.