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Here’s the full list of holidays and observances in August 2022

Add these dates to your calendar to send off summer in style.
Senior couple enjoy sea water
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Think August is holiday-free? Think again!

While there aren’t any major August holidays (you know, the ones you get a day off work for), there is still plenty of fun to be had throughout the month with these observances and awareness days.

For instance, if you’re a secondhand-shopping or vintage devotee, you’ll be happy to know that there are a few holidays in August that are right up your alley: National Vinyl Record Day, Garage Sale Day, National Thrift Shop Day and National Secondhand Wardrobe Day. Other holidays, like Clean Your Floors Day and National Relaxation Day (at-home spa day?), serve as much-needed reminders — whether you like it or not.

You can even combine some holidays that share the same day for double (or triple) the family fun. Take August 30, for example: Celebrate National Beach Day and National Toasted Marshmallow Day by enjoying a few s'mores in the sand.

Now, browse through this list of official and unofficial observances in August, then mark your calendars with all of your favorites to close out the summer right!

Daily Holidays and Observances in August 2022

August 1

  • British Columbia Day
  • Colorado Day
  • Homemade Pie Day
  • Swiss National Day
  • National Mountain Climbing Day

August 2

  • National Coloring Book Day
  • National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

August 3

  • Clean Your Floors Day
  • National Watermelon Day

August 4

  • National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
  • National White Wine Day

August 5

  • International Beer Day
  • National Oyster Day
  • National Water Balloon Day

August 6

  • Farmworker Appreciation Day
  • Fiesta de San Salvador
  • National Disc Golf Day
  • National Mustard Day
  • National Root Beer Float Day
  • Sandcastle Day  
  • Tisha B’Av

August 7

  • National Friendship Day
  • National Lighthouse Day
  • National Sisters Day

August 8

  • International Cat Day
  • National Frozen Custard Day
  • National Pickleball Day

August 9

  • International Day of the World’s Indigenous People
  • National Book Lovers Day
  • National Women’s Day 

August 10

  • Ecuador Independence Day
  • National Lazy Day
  • National S’mores Day
  • National Spoil Your Dog Day
  • World Lion Day

August 11

  • Play in the Sand Day
  • National Hip Hop Day
  • National Raspberry Bombe Day

August 12

  • National Middle Child Day
  • National Vinyl Record Day
  • World Elephant Day 

August 13

  • Garage Sale Day
  • International Lefthanders Day
  • National Bowling Day 

August 14

  • Love Your Bookshop Day
  • National Creamsicle Day
  • World Lizard Day

August 15

  • Indian Independence Day
  • National Lemon Meringue Pie Day
  • National Relaxation Day

August 16

  • National Rum Day
  • National Roller Coaster Day
  • National Tell a Joke Day 

August 17

  • Indonesia Independence Day
  • National Black Cat Appreciation Day
  • National Nonprofit Day
  • National Thrift Shop Day  

August 18

  • National Couple’s Day
  • National Fajita Day
  • National Ice Cream Pie Day 

August 19

  • International Orangutan Day
  • National Photography Day
  • National Potato Day
  • World Humanitarian Day 

August 20

  • International Geocaching Day
  • International Homeless Animals Day
  • World Honey Bee Day 

August 21

  • National Spumoni Day
  • National Senior Citizens Day

August 22

  • National Bao Day
  • National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day
  • National Tooth Fairy Day
  • World Plant Milk Day 

August 23

  • Buttered Corn Day
  • Hug Your Sweetheart Day
  • International Blind Dog Day
  • National Cuban Sandwich Day
  • National Sponge Cake Day

August 24

  • Pluto Demoted Day
  • National Peach Pie Day
  • National Waffle Day 

August 25

  • National Banana Split Day
  • National Park Service Day
  • National Secondhand Wardrobe Day

August 26

  • National Cherry Popsicle Day
  • National Dog Day
  • Women’s Equality Day 

August 27

  • Banana Lover’s Day
  • National Just Because Day
  • World Rock Paper Scissors Day

August 28

  • National Bow Tie Day
  • National Cherry Turnover Day
  • National Red Wine Day 

August 29

  • Lemon Juice Day
  • More Herbs, Less Salt Day
  • National Chop Suey Day

August 30

  • National Beach Day
  • National Holistic Pet Day
  • National Toasted Marshmallow Day 

August 31

  • Eat Outside Day
  • National Trail Mix Day
  • National Zoo Awareness Day

Weekly Observances in August 2022

  • August 1 to 7: International Clown Week, National Simplify Your Life Week, National Bargain Hunting Week
  • August 7 to 13: Exercise with Your Child Week, International Assistance Dog Week, National Farmers Market Week
  • August 25 to 31: Be Kind to Humankind Week

Monthly Observances in August 2022

  • American Artist Appreciation Month
  • Black Business Month
  • Family Fun Month
  • National Golf Month
  • National Peach Month
  • National Sandwich Month
  • Summer Sun Safety Month