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A company experimented with a 4-day workweek. The results? It works.

Employees were reporting lower levels of anxiety, fatigue and improvements in their mental health.
/ Source: TODAY

Kickstarter and more companies are seeing amazing results after they tried out a four-day workweek in 2022.

Last year, a trial kicked off in the U.S, Canada and the U.K. to see if a four-day workweek was doable, and many companies found that their productivity increased in ways that they could never imagine.

Business people brainstorming strategy and new ideas on glass wall with adhesive notes
Juggling a work-life balance can be difficult when working 40-hours or more a week.Oscar Wong / Getty Images

For starters, workers were better rested and more engaged.

“People are able to spend time with their families and spending time doing things they love," Kickstarter Chief Strategy Officer Jon Leland told TODAY on Feb. 25. "And they’re happier and better at work as a result.”

Around 92% of companies that participated in the six-month trial in the U.K. had the same result. The non-profit group 4 Day Week Global reported that out of the 61 companies that participated in the U.K. trial, at least 56 were continuing with the four-day week, with 18 saying the policy is a permanent change.

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Sometimes working alone in the office has its benefits, too.xiaoke chen / Getty Images

The organization also found that people were better able to balance their home and family commitments, while company revenue increased by 35% on average in comparison to the same period from last year.

Not to mention, employees also reported lower levels of anxiety and fatigue as they experienced improvements in their mental health.

After reviewing the "incredible" results, Joe Ryle, Director of the 4 Day Week Campaign, said that "surely the time has now come to begin rolling it out across the country.”

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After trying out a four-day workweek, Kickstarter said their employees were more productive than ever.Getty Images / Westend61

"These incredible results show that the four-day week with no loss of pay really works," he said.

Professor Juliet Schor from Boston College noted that it might be time for a change.

“In the United States we got a five-day workweek in the 1930s. It’s almost 100 years!" she told TODAY.

“And the pandemic really accelerated the thinking; it sort of opened employers' eyes to the idea that they could put in an innovation like this," Schor added.