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What are angel numbers? Why numbers like 111 and 222 are considered good luck

Have you ever made a wish on 11:11? For some, these series of repeating digits are coincidences — and for others, they’re a sign.
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“11:11, make a wish.”

Chances are, you’ve heard someone remark on 11:11 popping up on their phone or a receipt. This string of numbers is often considered a good luck charm and an occasion for wish-making. 

But some believe that encountering multiple repeating digits, like 1111, is a sign, and interpret this instant of synchronicity as a message from the universe. Think of them as meaningful coincidences — ones you can ascribe as much meaning to as you want.

“You don’t have to dig too far or look too hard to notice these numbers."

Leeza Robertson

Within the practice of numerology, which looks into the spiritual significance of numbers, these strings of repeating digits are called “angel numbers.”

The nickname is a nod to their supposed connection to the spirit realm. As Leeza Roberton explains in the book “The Divine Practice of Angel Numbers,” angel numbers are among the ways that these entities “open the door and let themselves into our lives.”

Paying attention to angel numbers, according to Robertson, is “one of the easiest spiritual practices you can have.” Why? Because numbers are everywhere: On license plates, addresses, phone numbers. All you have to do is pay attention and know what the angel number means when it comes into your life. “You don’t have to dig too far or look too hard to notice these numbers,” she writes.

As for whether angel numbers are really more than coincidence? Well, it’s up to you to decide. At the very least, you can consider these occurrences as a cosmic pat on the back. 

What are angel numbers?

Simply put, angel numbers are sequences of repeating digits that align with numerological meanings. Each number — ranging from 000 to 990 — has a different lesson or message. Robertson, in her book, also says they’re aligned with different angelic entities.

Where can you find angel numbers?

Angel numbers are everywhere you see numbers — so, essentially, everywhere. You can encounter them in alarm clocks, license plates, receipts, bank accounts, addresses, phone numbers, or even dates of the year. 

The more frequently you see a certain series of digits, the more important it is to take stock of them. Depending on your spiritual practice, you may think the universe — or your spirit guides — are passing on a message. 

How do you use angel numbers in daily life?

Using angel numbers begins by simply paying attention to them. They’re are like stop signs, asking you to pause and pay attention to your gut and instincts. Since they’re so personal, angel numbers can’t be defined by a single explanation. The meaning is dependent on what is going on in your life, and what insights come up while you’re reflecting.

Speaking to TODAY, spiritualist Gary D’Andre described how he incorporates angel numbers into his spiritual practice. “Whenever I see a time on the clock, I like to send them as little affirmations to my friends via text message. I think of the angel number that I see as sending them that specific type of energy for the day. Or, reiterating that they’re in my mind and I’m shooting them blessings of love.” 

D’Andre also suggests writing down when, where and how you see angel numbers, to see if a pattern emerges. Do you see angel numbers in a certain place? Or are you seeing the same number, over and over?

For astrologer Narayana Montufar, clocking angel numbers is routine. “I use angel numbers in my daily life, paying attention to the exact thing I was thinking of or what was happening when I first saw them. This will give me clues on what my spirit guides or the universe are trying to convey,” Montufar said. 

What does each angel number mean?

Each number is associated with a different message. For example, if you look at a clock and see the time is 2:22, then maybe a union of sorts is on its way. Or, 5:55 could signify that change is coming and you have to prepare for what it’s bringing to you.

Remember, though: The most important meanings are the ones you decide. It all comes down to the links your subconscious forges between the numbers and your life.

Astrologer, psychic, and tarot reader Renee Watt said, “There’s often a significant link between your thoughts and messages being sent through numbers, you just need to be mindful enough to connect the two..”

Read on for a breakdown of angel numbers' conventional meanings.

000 or 0000

A sequence of zeros represent new beginnings or a fresh start. Think of this like a blank canvas that’s waiting for you to paint on and create your visions upon.

111 or 1111

A sequence of ones is extremely powerful in manifestation. It brings your goals in alignment to what your intuition, ancestors, guides, and spirits have planned for you, and gives you the strength to be a leader in your own life.

222 or 2222

Twos signify collaboration. If there is a project that you’re starting, then you may want to connect with another person to discuss or work on it together, or consider where your relationships stand. Your people are out there.

333 or 3333

A series of threes indicates the need for self-expression. Listen to the world around you attentively. Are you inspired? What is calling to you? And what message do you need to share?

444 or 4444

A sequence of fours are all about building and stability. These numbers show us that we have to pay attention to our home life, family, and the foundation that we live on. You may be focused on what you don't have instead of what you do. This angel number urges you to cultivate gratitude.

555 or 5555

Good things are coming due to your patience. Change is on the horizon when fives are present. The path that you’ve been walking down is yielding growth and transformation. 

666 or 6666

Look beyond the stigma associated with the number 666 — really, this number signals compassion and self-love. Treat people with kindness by sharing a smile, compliment or going out of your way for someone.

777 or 7777

Luck is on its way — as long as you keep yourself open to all opportunities and possibilities. Instead of saying "no," challenge yourself to say "yes," especially to things that feel just a bit out of your comfort zone. 

888 or 8888

Tilted sideways, eights represent the infinity symbol. This angel number is connected to the divine and intuition, as well as also ancestors who are looking upon us from the spiritual realm. What is your gut telling you?

999 or 9999

A cycle is coming to a conclusion. When you see 999, think of this as signal to move on and away by embracing the exciting events that will unfold in the future. The angel number is also associated with healing energy, allowing you to wrap up a chapter with a burst of positive energy.