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What your Venus sign says about your love life

Within astrology, Venus rules how we relate to one another — often in a romantic context.
Venus, artwork
Venus, computer artwork.Sciepro / Getty Images stock

Astrology is about more than just your sun sign. There are many different planets in our birth chart, each of which governs a different area of our lives. For example, the moon sign is all about our emotional natures; Mercury is the planet of communication.

Venus is named after the goddess of love, so it should come as no surprise that, within astrology, this planet rules how we relate to one another — often in a romantic context.

Understanding your Venus sign can help you unlock the mysteries of your heart. As you read about your Venus sign, you may want to reflect on how you typically express your love; how you want to be receive love; what you desire out of a relationship and what you need in a relationship; and how you connect with others.

Venus also filters how we perceive dating and romance; beauty; relate to the arts; and even make investments, material or emotional. Therefore, Venus is an extremely important planet when it comes to understanding how we relate to the world and others.

Here's what you need to know.

How do I find my Venus sign?

Simply put, your Venus sign is determined by where Venus was in the sky when you were born. Venus stays in each zodiac sign for about 30 days before moving to the next.

To find your Venus sign, plug in your birth details to a website that offers free natal charts.

How does Venus sign impact compatibility?

Synastry, or the art of astrological compatibility, is complicated and looks at how people's natal charts are in conversation with one another.

Since Venus is all about love, it follows that you may be interested in seeing how your Venus sign connects someone else's. Or, you may be reading the description of your crush's, to gain insight about how they may approach love.

Here's one astrologer-approved trick: You may be especially drawn to people whose moon or sun sign connects in the same sign as your Venus.

Here's what Venus means in each sign

Venus in Aries 

People born with Venus in Aries are known to love the chase. This placement falls in and out of love so fast that their emotions can give them whiplash. When it comes to money, they tend to spend without care — that is, until their credit card statements arrive at the end of the month.

How to win them over: Showering them with attention to ensure they don’t feel taken for granted. 

Venus in Taurus

Slow and steady wins the hearts of those Venus is in Taurus. Their focus is on commitment, tenderness — and physical touch. This earthy placement likes to indulge in luxury, comfort, and prefers a Sunday kind of love (see: snuggles, breakfast in bed, and tenderness). When it comes to finances, they would rather save their money to treat themselves and others to supremely decadent activities and gifts.

How to win them over: Buying Venus in Taurus fancy presents or taking them out for an indulgent meal is a good way to speak to their hearts.

Venus in Gemini 

Constant communication and responsiveness is a must for Venus in Gemini. Expect to share plenty of laughs and good times with this fun placement of Venus. An intellectual streak is a must for anyone that Venus in Gemini sets their eyes on, as they’re attracted to brain power and book smarts. Expect them to have a fluctuating bank account that gets more solid with time and age.

How to win them over: Respond quickly to their texts and send them good morning greetings. Ignoring their texts or calls will send this Venusian placement into a tizzy.

Venus in Cancer 

Those with Venus in Cancer like to look back and remember the good times even as they create new memories. Committed and loyal, Venus in Cancer will go to great lengths to make a relationship work. Never one to spend frivolously, this Venusian placement saves their pennies for a rainy day to attain security.

How to win them over: Consistency is key for Venus in Cancer, so be sure to follow through with plans and communicate regularly to help them feel secure.

Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo wants people big or go home. It’s definitely OK to be extra with declarations of love and spoil the one you adore with presents. Romance and passion go hand-in-hand with this fiery placement — so prepare to fight for the heart of others. Watch out for spending here. Venus in Leo will want to pay for every single meal, outing, and vacation.

How to win them over: Post photos of your favorite lion on social media to show you care and adore them. 

Venus in Virgo 

Venus in Virgo is looking for someone to stand by their side and to converse with all day, every day. This earthy Venusian placement has particular needs that can be met through simple acts of love and kindness — even if they often show their own affection through critiquing their partner or friends. At times they can be extremely frugal and unwilling to take risks when it comes to investments.

How to win them over: Let Venus in Virgo do the work and take care of you. Venus in Virgo peeps thrive in helping others

Venus in Libra

With Venus is in Libra, harmony and peacefulness are essential to relationships. Venus in Libra is looking for someone who is on the same page as they are about the important things, preferring stable agreement to fireworks. They’re apt to spend their money on items that help them live the good life.

How to win them over: Take your Venus in Libra babe out for a night on the town to show you’re invested in the partnership.

Venus in Scorpio 

This Venusian placement is intense. A few words that describe Venus in Scorpio? Possessive and devoted. They like to feel consumed by another, and expect the other person to go all-in, too. Venus in hot-blooded Scorpio is wonderful in all financial matters and has an amazing knack for making calculated investments that can yield high dividends.

How to win them over: Get deep with Venus in Scorpio by sharing secrets that you’ve never told anyone. They’ll appreciate the candor and trust. 

Venus in Sagittarius 

Never one to shy away from confrontation, Venus in Sagittarius is direct with their emotions and sentiments. Always down for an adventure, Venus in Sagittarius will opt to travel, see sights, and experience anything new with their crush or significant other. Unfortunately, they’re known to spend their cash as fast as it hits their bank accounts. Their spontaneous nature urges them to make impulsive investments and purchases.

How to win them over: Never get jealous or needy when it comes to wooing Venus in Sagittarius, as they run away when feeling trapped. Let them be free.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn will give their all to relationships — so much so that they're prone to putting the needs of their partner before theirs. With patience, a partnership has the capacity to grow over time and evolve into something meaningful. Monetarily, Venus in Capricorn is on top of their IRA, mortgage, and tends to spend responsibly (even serving as an advisor to others on financial matters).

How to win them over: Be committed to working on the relationship and growing with Venus in Capricorn. They’re in it to win it when it comes to love. 

Venus in Aquarius

In Aquarius, Venus is drawn to unique and innovative personalities that make them think about the world. A humanitarian to the core, Venus in Aquarius is a team player who fights for the rights of others and revels in friendships. They’ll be the first to invest in Bitcoin from their peers group or any new radical venture.

How to win them over: Embrace their friends as your own and encourage Venus in Aquarius to be social. Venus in Aquarius will struggle to commit to someone who hides them away from their crew.

Venus in Pisces 

If you're born with Venus in Pisces, your heart is a daydreamer. There are no limits with this placement, because the heart becomes unconditional and giving. Intuitive, creative and artistic, Venus in Pisces has an extremely sensitive and loving nature. This Venusian placement will always extend their wallet to anyone in need and support the people that they care about without any hesitation whatsoever.

How to win them over: Venus in Pisces loves to dream. Support their visions — no matter what they are — to win their hearts.