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Is TikTok's moon phase compatibility test accurate? An astrologer breaks it down

TikTok users are putting their relationships to the moon phase test.
@opalsvenus via Twitter

Is your relationship written in the stars — or written in the moon? On TikTok, people are trying to determine compatibility based on how the moon phase at the time of their birth lines up to their partner’s, and sharing results using the hashtag #MoonPhase.

Essentially, this TikTok trend puts relationships to a cosmic test. If the two moon phase images complete each other, the understanding is that the couple is compatible and whether they “complete” each other. The visual is making some users “emotional.”

But is this an accurate way of finding your astrological soulmate? As an astrologer, I’m never surprised when the moon gets pulled into conversations about love. The moon, within astrology, governs our innermost feelings and how we process them, and plays a huge part in how we approach our deepest relationships (seriously, I wrote a whole article about it). 

In fact, when it comes to measuring compatibility between two birth charts, it’s the first aspect I look at, not sun signs. Why? If the moon sign aspects certain planets in the chart, then it adds potency and power to the planet, as well as the promise of a  long term relationship. 

This TikTok trend, though, is about moon phases — the stage the moon was in when you were born — not natal Moon signs, which is the zodiac sign the moon was in when you were born.

Here’s the difference, and whether there’s any credence to the trend.

What role does the natal moon play in relationships?

Within astrology, the moon is the part of ourselves that we cannot express with words, but understand within our heart that can be picked up by others through nonverbal communication. The moon uses its intuitive nature to assess emotions.

The moon expresses itself differently depending on the sign it’s in. Each of us has a natal moon sign derived by the moon’s placement in time of birth. Within relationships, these signs interact. A Gemini and Sagittarius moon, for example, oppose each other’s emotional needs (the signs are exact opposites), but can encourage each other to grow.

So, do moon or lunar phases play a role in compatibility?

Moon sign compatibility is one thing; lunar phase compatibility is another. TikTok’s version of compatibility is visual. Moons that fit together are compatible, point blank. 

But it’s more complicated than that.

As the TikTok trend indicates, astrologers do believe that each moon phase imbues a person with a certain personality. This is because each of the eight moon phases is said to exhibit a different energy: Full moons are times of release, new moons are times of renewal.

Here’s a breakdown of lunar phases and how they may affect personality.

  • New moon individuals tend to use renewal as a way to keep bonds tight.
  • Waxing crescent moon natives require stability.
  • First quarter moon people may long for freedom. 
  • Those born under the waxing moon gibbous phase are more aware of their needs.
  • Full moon beings give their all to relationships.
  • Waning gibbous phase is on board to commit.
  • The last quarter moon adds forgiveness and compassion to their partnerships. 
  • The waning crescent moon person is turbulent but fun in their relationships.

Note that the lunar phases take on a specific vibe depending on the signs they’re in and the aspects being made to other planets, as mentioned above, which makes it more complicated than TikTok’s simplified explanation. 

I’ve known clients who’ve been a new moon and full moon couple and had long term relationships. When it comes to romantic matters of the heart, the rough and tough connections seem to form longer lasting partnerships. The challenge and desire to grow as a unit is what makes two difficult lunar phases stick together. It all boils down to how much work you want to put into the relationship. My professional opinion is that everyone can get along with anyone — if they choose to. 

In short? Compatibility is complicated 

TikTok, you’re half right and wrong on this one. Yes, the moon matters … but there’s more to analyzing romantic factors. 

In astrology (and in life), timing is everything, and there are more elements to consider than lunar phasing aligning. It’s more than just natal charts, too: We have to look at transits to see when individuals are ready for love. My favorite moment occurs when Jupiter (which is an expansive and lucky planet) connects with the planet of love Venus and the moon. Emotions between people only grow stronger from these combinations.

But if you want to try the moon phase compatibility text on Tiktok, here’s how

Before embarking, make sure you have the CapCut app downloaded, as you’ll use this to access the template required for the moon phase trend.

Find the moon phase when you and your partner were born using this website, or a similar tool

  1. Screenshot the moon phase images
  2. Find a video on TikTok using this trend
  3. Click “CapCut try this template” in TikTok
  4. Click “use template” in CapCut
  5. Select the images of the moon
  6. Input birthdays
  7. Add music

Find out if you’re soulmates — just kidding!