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Why Taylor Swift chose October 21 to drop ‘Midnights,’ according to an astrologer

There's a solar eclipse coming up.

Taylor Swift's 10th studio album, "Midnights," came out on Friday, Oct. 21, 2022. Swift is a singer known for her deliberate approach to, well, everything — be it the styling of her albums or song lyrics.

The release date of "Midnights" might have a meaning of its own. According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, there may be astrological significance behind the date.

Stardust explains that electional astrology is the act of choosing a date because of fortunate astrological aspects, and there's a lot going on in the sky right now.

Proof of the release date's intentionality may also be found in the lyrics. The song “Glitch” says it’s been “2,190 days of our love,” which goes back to October 21, 2016 — around the time Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn started dating.

Read on the astrological meaning behind the album.

But first, Taylor Swift's astrology chart

Born Dec. 13, 1989, Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius Sun with a Cancer Moon. “She’s a direct person and emotionally aware," Stardust said.

The song "The Archer" might be a nod to her Sun sign's symbol, represented by an archer with a bow and arrow.

As for Swift's rising sign? Her birth time is not confirmed, which makes it impossible to place planets in houses or discern her ascendant. However, she's thought to have either a Capricorn or Scorpio rising.

The Venus Star Point is happening on Saturday, Oct. 22

The album came out a day before the Venus Star Point in Libra on Oct. 22. This transit is an example of a "cazimi," or an occurrence of when a planet connects with the sun at an exact degree.

Stardust said whenever Venus and the sun connect, it's a time of confidence, heightened creativity and dreaminess.

If Swift has a Capricorn rising, then the Venus-Sun conjunction happens in her 10th House of public image and career.

"She wants people to see her. She wants to enamor the public with her creativity and artistry. It's a good day to launch something because people are receiving it well," she said.

That means Swift's Cancer moon — which governs her innermost self —would be in the Ninth House of publishing. "It would be as though people are seeing her from a different angle," she said.

"The Venus Star Point impacts everybody for her specifically it's about allowing people to hear her new sounds," Stardust said.

Neptune is currently squaring Swift's Sun in Sagittarius

Take a look a Neptune, which governs dreams, artistry, enchantment, psychic pangs and intuition. Swift may call upon these forces in her songwriting.

When she was creating this album, Stardust said Neptune was in the orb of crossing Swift's natal Sun. On the release date, it's exactly squaring her Sun — which makes it a "creative triumph."

“Neptune squaring the Sun can be the time where you’re really sensitive and creative," she said.

Stardust said Sun-Neptune are an "intense" aspect where "you can see the creativity coming." A Sun-Neptune trine, on the other hand, is a "softer energy."

The music is Neptunian, Stardust said, because she's taking us "behind the veil" and "letting us in."

The solar eclipse on Oct. 25 is a new beginning

Swift is known for hearkening new "eras' with each of her albums. "Midnights" kicks off another phase, and that transition is reflected in this week's astrology.

On Oct. 25, there's a partial solar eclipse during the new moon phase. "The eclipse is a new beginning," Stardust said.

"She's creating space for the new. Because of that energy, this is her time to make a big splash. This is my new sound, my new vibe. This is where I want you to see me. I'm releasing a lot of the pain and emotional baggage that i have. I'm evolving," Stardust said.

Swift also has a history of releasing content near eclipses. On the day of a total solar eclipse in 2017, Swift started teasing her album "Reputation," signaling a major shift in her image and sound. (Fans even wondered whether her next album would be called "Eclipse.)

And on Oct. 25, the day of the partial solar eclipse, Swift is slated to release the next music video from "Midnights." Let's see what new beginning this offers.