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What Taylor Swift’s eclipse lyrics could reveal about her album, according to an astrologist

An eclipse serves as a time of shedding what’s no longer serving us. Could Swift’s lyrics — and the date she revealed them — indicate a moment of clarity?
Taylor Swift
What could Taylor Swift's eclipse lyrics mean? An astrologist breaks it down.TODAY Illustration / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

During the total solar eclipse on April 8, Taylor Swift dropped an Easter egg related to her upcoming album, “The Tortured Poet’s Department”: a bit of song lyrics that reference an eclipse.

The word “eclipse” is derived from the Greek and means “to abandon” or “to darken.” Given that fans speculate Swift’s album is about the end of her relationship with actor Joe Alwyn, these lyrics about an eclipse — which were shared during an eclipse — may be a further hint.

Here are the three lines that Swift shared. Many believe them to be from the “Tortured Poet’s” track titled “Clara Bow.”

Crowd goes wild at her fingertips

Half moonshine

Full eclipse

How do these Taylor Swift lyrics relate to eclipses? 

Eclipses can be powerful times for romance; they offer a moment of clarity that allows us to make important decisions about our relationships.

During lunar eclipses, we are given the opportunity to shed light on matters and embrace our intuition. This is a time when we must let go of the past and move forward with intention. Although it may be difficult to part ways with certain people or situations, the universe is guiding us towards what is best for our growth and wellbeing. Lunar eclipses can also serve as a marker of time between couples, providing a chance to reflect on the relationship and decide how to move forward. Sometimes this means focusing on ourselves, rather than trying to unify with another person who may not be the right match for us.

Solar eclipses, being very potent new moons, can also represent a fresh start or a new beginning. During this time, many people may wish to clear out relationships that are no longer aligned with their growth and evolution, in order to become the best version of themselves or find someone who can help them do so.

This is to say that embracing our fate and destiny is a crucial aspect of eclipses, whether they are lunar or solar. This period serves as a time of clearing out, shedding what no longer aligns with our emotional or spiritual growth, and evolving into the next version of ourselves.

Taylor Swift’s decision to release lyrics during a total solar eclipse has significance. It allows us to catch a glimpse of the energy she’s releasing into the world. Although there may be confusion and disputes about the meaning of the words, Swift may have anticipated this due to the lack of clarity during a total solar eclipse. By releasing the lyrics during this time, Swift encourages questioning and discussion, as well as shedding light on the depths of her emotions and lyrics.

What about the ‘moonshine’ reference? 

As for the “half moonshine” line — this doesn’t necessarily mean Swift is referring to liquor. Moonshine is also a type of talk that is foolish, so one could assume she is saying that there is foolish talk going on — and if it’s indeed about a relationship, she might know that it’s time for her to break up with this person.

The line before it — “Crowd goes wild at her fingertips” — may mean that she has an ability to wow other people with her foolish talk. Still, an ending is coming to her — per the final line, “full eclipse.”

Another interpretation of the “moonshine” bit suggests that Swift is overwhelmed by her emotions and influenced by the energy of the moon. Perhaps Swift is feeling the moon’s impact on her emotions, causing her to feel even more strongly and leading her to question her relationship and her own feelings.