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The solar eclipse in Scorpio is a wake-up call, according to an astrologer

Here’s what to expect from the cosmic event on October 25.
Partial solar eclipse
Partial solar eclipse taken on the 20th of March 2015 on a particularly cloudy day.Getty Images

Brace yourselves! The eclipses are here — almost. The autumn 2022 eclipse season includes two eclipses: A partial solar eclipse on Oct. 25 and a total lunar eclipse spanning from Nov. 7 to 8.

The solar eclipse on Tuesday, Oct. 25 aligns with the new moon, and will last from 3.58 a.m. ET to 8:02 a.m. ET, per

Eclipses inspire fascination, and sometimes terror, with ancient cultures reaching to mythology to explain the celestial phenomena that so often creates striking effects. Astrologically, eclipses take on a significant meaning, too. 

Whenever an eclipse happens, we can expect a wake up call from the universe. Being that this is a solar eclipse, we are being asked to start anew. This could mean that we are being let go of situations that are no longer serving our highest interest, with the purpose of moving towards fresh starts. Remember, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

The cosmos are asking us to shed what is no longer useful to our lives. Embrace the energy. Let go or be dragged. 

But read on for the astrological effects of the upcoming solar eclipse on Oct. 25, which will be visible  

What will happen during the solar eclipse on Oct. 25?

Simply put, a solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between the sun and the earth. Solar eclipses happen during the new moon lunar phase.

Since Oct. 25’s is a partial eclipse, the moon’s shadow will only partially block the sun’s light. 

The eclipse will be visible from Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East, and western parts of Asia.

Even if you can’t see the upcoming eclipse on Oct. 25, you may feel its effects in your chart. Note that the eclipse will “activate” everyone’s chart differently. 

What are the astrological effects of the solar eclipse?

There’s another way of looking at eclipses which is relevant to astrology. Lunar nodes are intersection points between the path of the moon and the path of the sun. Eclipses occur when the moon crosses the lunar node. 

Within our birth charts, the lunar nodes — which change zodiac signs every 1 and a half years — appear as the nodes of destiny, which show our lifetime karma. The transiting nodes of destiny show the energy that we are working on and healing during the course of its transit.

So, in the case of this eclipse, we're looking at the sign of Scorpio. Scorpios are known to be fearless, loyal, and mysterious. With this energy permeating the air, we can expect the vibe to be intense and passionate — especially since Venus, the planet of romance and love, aligns with the eclipse. 

The node of destiny is currently in the opposite sign of Scorpio, which is Taurus. There will be a sense of urgency to commit to a partnership or to leave one that isn’t working as it should. Also, we may be too kind and giving — not just with our money, but with our time to those we care about.

Here's how the solar eclipse on Oct. 25 will impact your sign


You are a force to be reckoned with, Aries! This eclipse is bringing out your intuition, dominance, power, and authority. It will give you a chance to let others see how dynamic and fierce you are. Lean into these magnificent parts of yourself and embrace your awesomeness without hesitation. 


Love is in the air during the solar eclipse. More than ever, you are wanting to work on developing your relationship and taking it to the next level. Therefore, it’s important for you to put all of your effort into ensuring that your partner and you are extremely happy together.


Right now, you are in need of time off from work. If you can use any of your personal days, then do so. If not, then it’s important for you to strike a balance between work and your personal life to ensure that you can have a moment to decompress.


Finding artistic inspiration is not going to be hard during the solar eclipse. You will be motivated to embrace your creativity, and show off your talents for the world to see. Embrace your creativity to make your dreams happen by putting your innermost visions to use in the physical realm.


Your belief system is evolving and changing at this time, allowing you to see your life through a different lens. Incorporate your new insights into your personal life. Think of them as a new pair of glasses. What are you noticing?


You have a lot of choices to make in a short amount of time. This feels like the weight of the world rests on your shoulders. Remember to take everything one moment at a time — even though the cosmic energy is making you feel like it’s now or never.


This lunation marks a time for you to get your cash flow and money matters in order. Start saving your pennies for a rainy day and focus on your investments, as the eclipse provides insights to your long-term spending and financial portfolio. With proper advice, you could reach financial heights.


You’ll feel more connected to your loved ones than ever before. Welcoming everyone into your life with open arms will not only boost your popularity and status, but will open your heart more than ever before. This is a pivotal time for you to see what life is all about.


You might be the sole provider of support and TLC for a lot of people in your social sphere at this time. Being everything to everyone can put a lot of pressure on you, which means self-care is a priority during the eclipse. Melt away all your stresses through relaxation.


You have many friendships supporting your mind, body, and soul. This is a beautiful time to appreciate those who care about you. Send your close pals a nice email or text to show how much you appreciate them. The more love you give to others, the more you’ll get back. 


Shifts are happening in the professional realm of your life. Whether it’s a promotion, raise, or a new job — you are gaining a lot of traction in your career. Lean into the growth that can take you to the next level now. When one professional door closes, another opens.


It’s important for you to have a guiding life philosophy. Only you can define your value system and decipher what’s acceptable behavior and what isn’t — no one else.