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The hybrid solar eclipse in Aries will take you out of your comfort zone, according to an astrologer

Here’s what to expect from the rare hybrid solar eclipse on April 20.

Look up ... but not without eclipse glasses! The first eclipse of 2023, which is a solar eclipse, occurs on Wednesday, April 19 at 9:12 p.m. PT and Thursday, April 20 at 12:12 a.m. ET.

The total solar eclipse in Aries will take us out of our comfort zone, as the fiery energy wants to inspire and motivate us to take action — even if our current plans aren’t completely thought through. 

The effects of the eclipse can hit us like a rollercoaster, due to the fact that Aries is an impetuous sign. Aries love hard and fast, never stop for a breath of air, push and pull until they get their way — and when they don’t, they push harder. 

The best way to counteract the pressure we may feel from the eclipse is to take a moment before responding to a situation, think your thoughts through before stating them, listen before reacting and always choosing to lead with kindness.  

The April 20 eclipse is a rare hybrid eclipse

A solar eclipse occurs during new moon periods when the sun, moon and Earth line up, NASA explains. During this time, the moon completely blocks the sun's light from reaching Earth.

The eclipse on April 19 is a hybrid eclipse, meaning that its appearance wavers between a total eclipse (where the moon totally blocks the sun) to an annular eclipse (when the sun's outer edges are still visible, creating a "ring of fire" around the moon).

The last hybrid solar eclipse happened in 2013. The next will happen in 2031, per NASA.

How to see the April 20 rare hybrid eclipse in person and online

The event will be particularly remote, only visible from the South Pacific, specifically western Australia, East Timor and Indonesia. Exmouth, a town in western Australia with 2,700 residents, is expected to receive 50,000 visitors, per ABC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

If you don't fall in those regions, the cosmic event will be live-streamed on various YouTube channels, including TimeAndDate.

Find out more information about seeing the eclipse here.

What are the astrological effects and meaning of the solar eclipse?

The eclipse falls in the late degrees of Aries, a fire sign known for its impulsivity.

Unfortunately, this means we could be be pushed to act faster than ever in our decision-making. See: jumping to conclusions and reviewing the facts after we make our decisions.

The good news is that the sun enters Taurus a few hours after the eclipse, allowing us to reassess issues and take a step back to sort them out.

Mercury retrograde, which commences on April 21, will actually act as a saving grace. Whatever problems we got into by asserting ourselves too loudly and thinking with our egos will be repaired by Mercury’s ability to remedy problems during its retrograde period. Although things will seem tough, there is a cosmic silver lining.

How the solar eclipse will impact your zodiac sign


You’re quite the busy bee, Aries! Everyone wants a piece of you at the moment because they are longing for your direct and blunt insight and opinion on matters. Feel free to give it to them — just do so with caution. Add a dollop of sweetness to your words.


Your intuition will be running high right during the eclipse. Try to find a way to understand what your subconscious is telling you. Listen to your gut at this time (and always).


There could be some trouble on the horizon with your friends. Avoid trouble by saying the truth as fast as you can. Speaking up will not only let your crew understand what you’re thinking, but then they can remedy issues early.


You want your hard work to be recognized. Getting the credit you deserve is long overdue. Being acknowledged by upper management will be the best way to spend the eclipse. And if you don't get what you want, give it to yourself.


Sometimes thinking out-of-the-box can lead to a flash of ingenuity and brilliance. Give yourself the chance to open your mind with new insights during this eclipse. Take a long walk alone and see what comes to mind.


Though you hold others to a high standard, you don't always follow your own protocol. Stick to the rules that you make and don’t bend them — even for yourself. 


If you have been working on mending ties with others, then this is an ideal time to reach out and start anew and offer apologies. You may find that this is the catalyst to jump starting a new relationship and dynamic with those you care about. 


There are a million things to do in a day (or at least, there seem to be). Try to take time for yourself to decompress, even if it's as simple as inhaling and exhaling mindfully to break up a work day. You’ll find that the meditative activity does your mind some good.


The universe is urging you to roll the dice and take a risk. You may discover that there is a lot of greatness and abundance in store for you when you choose to believe. As long as you’re feeling yourself and are happy with your decisions, then good things will come.


Arguments with your family may take center stage during the eclipse. The upside is that when the dust settles, you’ll be able to move into a better relationship and foundation with them. The key is to listen to them and to make sure they hear what you’re saying, too.


With all the gossip circulating in your peer group, it’s hard to keep track of what's true and what's an exaggeration. During the eclipse, consider how deeply you want to engage.


Your finances could use some organization and care. Connect with a trusted friend or advisor to help in planning out your spending for the next few months. Although living on a budget isn’t anyone's favorite thing, it will help get you out of your current rut and back to feeling financially stable.