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Sheinelle Jones' birth chart, interpreted by astrologer Chani Nicholas

“People feel reflected when they talk to you."

What, if anything, can our birth charts say about us? On Oct. 31, Astrologer Chani Nicholas stopped by the 3rd Hour of TODAY to answer just that, interpreting each of the anchors' charts.

Within astrology, the birth chart is a map of the planets' placements at your birth time and location. Each planet rules a specific realm, and they're all placed in different signs and in different houses in our charts.

"It's a snapshot of the sky the moment you're born," Nicholas said.

Born on April 19, 1978, Sheinelle Jones is an Aries — but her chart way more complicated than just her Sun sign.

As Nicholas explained, Sheinelle's pioneering Aries Sun falls in her Eighth House of legacy and deep connections with others, meaning she may have an "ability to go where others fear to tread."

Nicholas added, "You want to be known for being hard-working, and you wear your heart on your sleeve."

Below, Nicholas points out a few more aspects of Jones' chart.

Sheinelle Jones' birth chart, provided by Chani Nicholas
Sheinelle Jones' birth chart, provided by Chani Nicholas

She’s courageous, thanks to her Sun in Aries

Sheinelle's Sun falls in Aries in the Eighth House. For Nicholas, the interpretation is simple: She's brave.

"Sheinelle can leap tall buildings in a single bound, and is known for her courage, bravery and ability to go where others fear to tread," she said.

Nicholas added that this placement may give her a skill for attracting the right collaborators. "Glennon Doyle has this placement and she talks about struggle and mental health in a way that many find therapeutic," she said.

Her Virgo rising and Virgo Moon make her fact-finding and sensitive

Like Al Roker, Sheinelle was born with a Virgo ascendant (ascendants, or rising, are the energy we put out into the world upon first meeting). Sheinelle's Moon sign, which governs one's inner landscape, is also in Virgo. This means internally and externally, Sheinelle is governed by the communication-oriented earth sign.

This makes her "hard working, fact-finding, critical and sensitive. She wears her heart on her sleeve sometimes, but also can be quick to point out what is wrong and what isn’t working about a scenario," she said.

Those with this placement are "generally very beloved by others and easy to get along with." 

"People feel reflected when they talk to you," Nicholas said on TODAY.

Her Mercury in Aries makes her destined to communicate in a bold way

Sheinelle's Mercury — the planet of communication — is also in Aries. For Nicholas, this indicates her life's purpose is to "communicate in a bold, daring, courageous or attention-getting way," or the Aries way.

"There is a flair for the dramatic. She can get attention because of her ideas," she said.

Since Mercury is in Sheinelle's Eighth House of deep connection, "collaborations can be key to her life’s purpose unfolding."

Venus in Taurus makes her seek out beautiful things

Venus is the planet of love and beauty, and ruler of the signs Taurus and Libra. Sheinelle's natal Venus is at home in the sign of Taurus.

"This placement loves some luxury travel and wants to seek beautiful things from far and wide," Nicholas said.

She has an ability to put people at ease thanks to Jupiter in Cancer

Like Al Roker, Sheinelle's Jupiter — the planet of luck and expansion — is in Cancer in the Eleventh House of community and friendship.

Nicholas said of people with this placement, "An abundance of good luck and goodwill comes to you through the group, your audiences, your friends and the people that support you."

"You have the ability to put people at ease, make them feel nurtured, and generally bring a lot of positive energy to the collective. It’s kind of like you play Santa Claus or fairy godmother to the masses," she continued.