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Scorpio celebrities: Which of your favorite stars are born under the sign of the scorpion?

Kris, Kendall and Caitlyn Jenner all fall under the intense water sign.
Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Kimmel, Kris Jenner, and Leonardo DiCaprio surrounded by symbols related to the scorpio zodiac sign.
Liza Evseeva / Getty Images / TODAY Illustration

If your birthday is in October or November, there’s a good chance you’re a Scorpio. The sun is normally in Scorpio between the dates of Oct. 23 and Nov. 21.

Though often mistaken for a fire sign because of its intense, passionate nature, Scorpio is a fixed water sign. This sign follows the air sign of Libra and precedes the fire sign of Sagittarius. 

According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, Scorpios are intuitive beings, with a witchy side that fits perfectly into the spooky season of Halloween. Scorpios are fiercely loyal individuals, so they often make great friends (and close readers). They are deeply emotional people, but many Scorpios have a tendency to put on a brave face and avoid vulnerability. When it comes to achieving their goals, Scorpios have a direct nature and never let anything get in the way of their ambition. 

If you’re on the search for your famous Scorpio twin, keep reading this list of thirty iconic Scorpio celebs. 

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner on the red carpet in a pink dress.
Kendall Jenner attends the Tiffany & Co. Flagship Store Launch in 2019.Don Arnold / Getty Images

Model and part of the Kardashian clan Kendall Jenner is a proud Scorpio, born on Nov. 3. Kendall’s fierce loyalty is just one of her many Scorpio traits. “I’m a Scorpio, so I stick to people. If I love you, I love you. If I don’t like you, you’re screwed,” Jenner told Allure


Drake onstage.
Drake performs in Concert at Aubrey & The Three Amigos Tour in 2018.Prince Williams / Getty Images

Rapper Drake, born Oct. 24, isn’t afraid to hide his Scorpio side either. In addition to titling his fifth studio album “Scorpion,” Drake released a song on his first official mixtape named “A Scorpio’s Mind.” In one line, Drake sings, “I said it and meant it the Scorpio’s mind has many dimensions.”

Ellen Pompeo 

Ellen Pompeo.
"Grey's Anatomy" stars Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey.Mike Rosenthal / ABC via Getty Images

Actor and “Grey’s Anatomy” star Ellen Pompeo, born Nov. 10, relates to the darker side of Scorpios. “I’m a Scorpio, I’m super intense and dark, and being positive is something I’ve had to learn to do,” Pompeo told Hello Giggles.

Penn Badgley

Penn Badgley.
Penn Badgley on set of 'Gossip Girl' in 2012.DISCIULLO/Bauer-Griffin / GC Images

Actor Penn Badgley, known for his roles in throwback teen drama “Gossip Girl” and creepy Netflix thriller “You,” is a Scorpio. Badgley's birthday is Nov. 1. 

Demi Moore

Demi Moore seated onstage, surrounded by backup dancers.
Demi Moore onstage during Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Show in 2020. Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Savage X Fenty

Actor Demi Moore seems to have a positive relationship with her Scorpio self. Moore posted a selfie on Instagram, calling herself a “little Scorpio” and promoting her new memoir “Inside Out.” Moore's birthday is Nov. 11. 

Sean “Diddy” Combs 

Sean "Diddy" Combs portrait session.
Performer Sean "Diddy" Combs in 2006.Harry Langdon / Getty Images

Rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs takes a similar route to Drake, unabashedly boasting about being a Scorpio. Diddy's birthday is Nov. 4. In his song “Jealous Guy,” Diddy tries to dismiss some Scorpio rumors, singing, “And I’m a Scorpio and I’m not a jealous guy.” In the “73 Questions With Sean “Diddy” Combs” video interview for Vogue, Diddy proves just how proud he is to be a Scorpio. When asked how he describes himself, Diddy replied, “I’m vivacious, eccentric and I’m a Scorpio.” 

Michael Strahan 

Michael Strahan smiling.
Michael Strahan at the Fox NFL Town Hall in 2016.Slaven Vlasic / Slaven Vlasic

Television personality, journalist and former football player Michael Strahan is a Scorpio. Strahan's birthday is Nov. 21. He retweeted a friend’s post on Twitter, joking about being "twin Scorpios."

Katy Perry

Katy Perry in pink lighting.
Katy Perry at the SiriusXM Studios in 2019.Michael Kovac / Getty Images for SiriusXM

Pop star Katy Perry's birthday is Oct. 25. With her fiery personality and direct temperament, Perry exudes Scorpio energy. Taylor Swift, a Sagittarius, said that she has talked with Perry about their astrological identities and how the two differ in their approach to communication. “She’s like, ‘I’m a Scorpio. Scorpios just strike when they feel threatened,’” Swift said about Perry to Rolling Stone.

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley in front of "The Divergent Series: Insurgent" poster.
Shailene Woodley at the German Premiere of "The Divergent Series: Insurgent" in 2015.Target Presse Agentur Gmbh / Getty Images

Born Nov. 15, Woodley has admitted to factoring astrological signs into potential dating partners, telling Cosmopolitan that she once dated an Aries and “it didn’t go very well. It’s that Scorpio-Aries thing.”

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts on the red carpet.
Julia Roberts at the "Money Monster" premiere during the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival in 2016.Anthony Harvey / Getty Images / FilmMagic

The Scorpio superstar, with an Oct. 28 birthday, is able to bounce from genre to genre, known for her roles in romantic comedies, dramas, thrillers and more. Roberts’ multifaceted talents perfectly align with Scorpio traits. Scorpios can be moody and emotional, but they are also devoted, loyal friends and brave individuals. 

Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson singing onstage.
Rita Wilson performs live on stage in 2016.Matthew Eisman / Getty Images

Actor, singer and producer Rita Wilson's birthday is Oct. 26. Wilson loves to talk about astrology with her friends. The Scorpio star posts shoutouts to her "Scorpio sisters," like an Instagram post for Julia Roberts and a Facebook post for Maria Shriver

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross on the red carpet.
Tracee Ellis Ross at the 94th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood in 2022.Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images / FilmMagic

“Black-ish” star Tracee Ellis Ross's birthday is Oct. 29. Ross posted a stylish photo of herself on Instagram and captioned it, “Patiently waiting for Scorpio season. and by Scorpio season I mean my birthday. OCTOBER 29th … mark your calendars. Ok bye.” 

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne laughing.
Kelly Osbourne at the SiriusXM Studios in 2015.Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images

Born Oct. 27, Osbourne relates to the spooky side of Scorpios. She reposted a meme about dating as a Scorpio on Facebook, poking fun at Scorpios’ assertive side.

Gwendoline Christie 

Gwendoline Christie.
Gwendoline Christie at the EE British Academy Film Awards at in 2016.Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

Gwendoline Christie, whose birthday is Oct. 28, once retweeted, “It’s the confidence of the Scorpio woman that makes her stand out in a crowd.”

Kris Jenner

amfAR Cannes Gala 2019 - Arrivals
Kris Jenner attends the amfAR Cannes Gala 2019.Ryan Emberley / Getty Images for amfAR

Assertive, confident, direct and ambitious … ring any bells? Reality star and momager Kris Jenner was born on Nov. 5, making her a Scorpio alongside her daughter, Kendall.

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner.
Caitlyn Jenner at the AOL MAKERS Conference in 2016.Jerod Harris / Getty Images

If you think two Scorpios in one family is a lot, try having three! Television personality and former athlete Caitlyn Jenner, Kendall Jenner's parent, has a Oct. 28 birthday.

Hillary Clinton 

Hillary Clinton waves to the crowd from the stage during a debate.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the third U.S. presidential debate in 2016. Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Politician, diplomat, former lawyer and former First Lady of the United States Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio, calls Oct. 26 her birthday.

Bill Gates 

Bill Gates.
Bill Gates speaks speaks at Goalkeepers 2017.Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

When it comes to powerful Scorpios, Clinton isn’t alone. Microsoft co-founder and businessperson Bill Gates birthday is Oct. 28. 

Whoopi Goldberg 

Whoopi Goldberg.
Whoopi Goldberg at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2013.Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Whoopi Goldberg, born Nov. 13, is one of just 17 EGOT recipients, meaning she has been awarded an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. Scorpios aren’t doing too bad for themselves, huh?

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel, on his show, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"
Jimmy Kimmel on his show, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Randy Holmes / ABC via Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel, host of late night show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” celebrates his birthday on Nov. 13.

David Schwimmer 

David Schwimmer
David Schwimmer attends at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012.Dave M. Benett / Getty Images

Actor David Schwimmer, born Nov. 2, is best known for his role as Ross in the hit sitcom “Friends.”

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio poses with his Oscar.
Leonardo DiCaprio, winner of Best Actor for "The Revenant," at the 88th Annual Academy Awards.Jason Merritt/TERM / Getty Images

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is a leading man in film after film, famous for his roles in period pieces and dramatic biopics. DiCaprio was born on Nov. 11.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone.
Emma Stone at a photocall for "Irrational Man" during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival in 2015.Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty Images

Actor Emma Stone of "La La Land" and "Easy A" fame has a Nov. 6 birthday.

Anne Hathaway 

Anne Hathaway on the red carpet.
Anne Hathaway at the World Premiere of "Les Miserables" in 2012.Ferdaus Shamim / Getty Images

Actor Anne Hathaway of “The Princess Diaries” and “The Devil Wears Prada” fame was born on Nov. 12.

Joaquin Phoenix 

Joaquin Phoenix.
Joaquin Phoenix accepts his Oscar for 'Joker' at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards in 2020.Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Like a true Scorpio, Joaquin Phoenix isn't afraid to face his dark side. He's known playing a host of dark and complex characters, the most recent being Arthur Fleck or the Joker in “Joker." Phoenix's birthday is Oct. 28.

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder
Winona Ryder in 1991.Eric Robert / Corbis via Getty Images

Born Oct. 29, Winona Ryder also shows her Scorpio side in her film roles. Ryder took on plenty of quirky, eccentric roles in films in the 1980s and 90s, including “Heathers,” “Beetlejuice” and “Edward Scissorhands.” Currently, Ryder is starring in the supernatural horror show “Stranger Things.”

Willow Smith

Willow Smith singing into a microphone.
Willow Smith performs onstage during the GIRL CULT Festival in 2017.Scott Dudelson / Getty Images

Singer and actor (and daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith) Willow Smith celebrates her birthday and Halloween on the same day: Oct. 31.

Matthew McConaughey 

Matthew McConaughey.
Matthew McConaughey at the Warner Bros. premiere of "We Are Marshall" in 2006.Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Actor (and self-proclaimed pickle lover) Matthew McConaughey was born on Nov. 4.

Jeff Probst 

Jeff Probst holding a microphone.
Jeff Probst hosting the live reunion of the cast of the 29th season of SURVIVOR.CBS Photo Archive / CBS via Getty Images

Television host and executive producer Jeff Probst is best known for being the host of the reality show “Survivor” since 2000. Probst was born on Nov. 4, sharing a birthday with Matthew McConaughey.

Sally Field 

Sally Field
Sally Field receiving her Oscar for Best Actress for "Places In The Heart" at the 57th Academy Awards in 1985.ABC Photo Archives / Disney General Entertainment Con / Getty Images

Award-winning actor Sally Fields, born Nov. 6, is known for her roles in films and television shows like “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Steel Magnolias.”