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What an astrologer predicts for Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's baby

The 9-month-old is a Taurus sun with a Libra moon, so yes — he's astrologically compatible with his parents.
Justine Goode / Getty Images / TODAY illustration

On May 13, 2022, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcomed their first child, a son (and a Taurus). After months of waiting, the world celebrated seeing the couple become a family of three — and, every astrologer, including myself, ran to marvel at the lovely birth chart of their son.

Nine months later, Rihanna's son's name has not been publicly revealed, but his chart may hint at his personality. Think of natal charts as thumb prints. They're unique profiles of where the planets aligned, and in what zodiac signs, at the exact moment of birth. This is where you get your sun and moon sign — and more.

Rihanna said, in an interview with ExtraTV leading up to the show, that becoming a mother inspired her to accept the Super Bowl half time gig, which marks her return to performing after stepping back from music six years ago.

Ahead of Rihanna's anticipated performance, let’s take a look at the major planets at play in her son's birth chart, including two placements in his big three, to see what type of personality he will have. We'll also consider how his parents' charts, and their astrological parenting styles, may impact him.

Based on his sun and moon signs, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's son will be drawn toward the arts

Sun represents one’s ego, drive, and will. The Sun in Taurus shows a person who is a hard worker, soft spoken, loving, and kind.

The Moon is one’s emotional nature and how they depict their mother (basically the Moon is Rihanna in his birth chart). The Moon in Libra describes someone who has a very intellectual mind, creative spirit, calm temperament, and a lover of beauty. I can describe one’s mother as being super artistic and someone who uses this energy in changing the world. 

Both the Sun and the Moon are ruled by the planet Venus, which is a sweet and light-hearted vibe. Taurus is the earthy part of Venus that makes the art with their hands and Libra is the airy part of Venus that critiques the vision. Therefore, he’ll likely be someone who’s always wanting to improve upon what was done before and wanting to make it better or his own.

Watch out, world: Thanks to his Venus in Aries, he'll be a bold, daring go-getter

The Sun and the Moon answer to Venus, which is the fire sign of Aries. Venus in Aries is a go-gutter and someone who chases after what they want without hesitation. His sparky nature will lead him to accomplish anything he wants. 

The Taurus Sun is linked to, or conjunct with, the rebellious and authentic planet Uranus, as well as the North Node of Destiny. What does this mean? Well, it indicates that this child will have a strong sense of self. He’ll be bold, daring, and unafraid to step out of the box.

His chart shows a humanitarian streak

Based on his chart, Rihanna's little one will apply his bold spirit toward helping others. Making sure that everyone is happy and cared for is his first priority — and then he’ll focus on his needs.

The generous spirit is shown through both the conjunctions between Mars and Neptune as well as the Sun’s connection with Uranus. With the North Node of Destiny in the mix, he will stand out in the crowd and wants you to use his notoriety for social justice. 

His birth chart denotes a close conjunction between the action planet Mars and the sentimental planet Neptune, both in Pisces. This planetary competition will make him a visionary. As long as he fully leans in to his dreams and allows him to guide him towards his future, then there is nothing he can’t achieve. The sky’s the limit for him if he fully embraces his hopes, desires, and goals — no matter how far out they may seem. This also speaks to a sympathetic and compassionate soul, who truly wants to help others in his life. 

He was born during Mercury retrograde — and it's actually good luck

Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap for causing delays and communication mishaps. But being born during Mercury retrograde is an extremely auspicious thing. Ancient astrologers thought that it granted someone an extreme amount of intuition and foresight. Think of it as being able to think and see things in slower motion allows people to make the best decisions. It also gives him a chance to lean into their cut feelings and to comprehend the decisions that they are making.

Here's how his chart connects to his parents'

Taurus and Pisces, Rihanna's sign, are an extremely lucky match, as we both guarantee emotional support and loyalty from the other. Unconditional love will reign between the two and she’ll marvel at the creativity, kindness, and work ethic of her son.

A$AP Rocky will share a deep emotional connection with his son, due to their Sun and Moon alliance in Libra. They’ll be best friends and share a taste for the same artistic aesthetic — also the way they handle their sentimental nature.

All in all, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's charts indicate a great beginning to a defining relationship in their lives.

Plus, all of the Taurus and Pisces energy in their son's chart makes for someone who is an extremely creative person. Will he expand on the Fenty brand or his parents’ legacy? This talented kid will have many artistic options in his future. But, it looks like he’s going to be drawn towards cultivating his own company in the arts that is aligned with politics and charity. It’ll be important to him to strike out on his own and make a name for himself outside of his family unit due to the planetary aspects mentioned above.