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November 2022 horoscopes: What this month has in store for your sign

The eclipses are coming!
NOVEMBER horoscope scorpio sagittarius
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Good news from an astrologer: November skies are full of passion and joy.

Before heading into individual horoscopes, let's take a look at what the stars have in store for the collective.

The lunar eclipse in Taurus on Nov. 8, coming after a recent solar eclipse, asks us to assess relationships and set new goals with others.

Romantic Venus, inquisitive Mercury and the willful sun enter Sagittarius on Nov. 16, 17, and 22. Prepare for impulsive behaviors and adventures during the Sagittarius new moon on Nov. 23.

The same day as the new moon, Jupiter ends its planetary moonwalk in Pisces which began on July 28, just as Mars begins its retrograde. All possibilities are open and the opportunities are endless. Expand your horizons and test your guiding philosophies. It's never too late to try a new approach. 


While you're often the person who implements boundaries, you’re not great at maintaining them. To create the relationships of your dreams, communicate with care and consideration for the other person's feelings, even if you're being assertive. Explaining your sentiments and sticking to the principles you’re setting will be a game-changer in this interpersonal dynamic, creating a new standard of engagement.


Try to find frugal fun this month. Get outside into nature with your friends, partner or family to derail the urge to indulge. The more you focus on healthy ventures and activities, the easier it’ll be to not fixate on materialism. Take note of what you have rather than sulking over what you don't have yet.


This is a very active month for you, Gemini. With Mars retrograde aligning with your Sun sign, you may be tempted to lose your temper every now and then. Don’t be surprised if people are somewhat irked by your aggressive approach. This type of energy can be channeled in two ways: Getting into an argument, or creating something artistic or creative. It's up to you.


If you lean into positive thinking and allow the universe to support you, you should make it through the month mostly unscathed. The lunar eclipse on Nov. 8 may bring out frustrations, but the Sagittarius new moon on Nov. 23 will be a balm, inspiring you to spread joy and support to those around you. Be sure to open your heart at that time. Look out for pleasant surprises, rather than disappointments.


Big Sagittarius energy urges you to step out of your comfort zone this month. You'll be drawn to a new way of living — and will make some impulsive moves to get there. If there is a partnership or friend you've been longing to restore, then it’s time to take a leap of faith and reach out to forge a new connection. This is a moment to place  major gambles on yourself, too.


Keeping a composed appearance is important to you, Virgo — you want to project a specific image of yourself to the world. When others don’t see you the way you want to be perceived, it can create internal tension. But remember, life is always in flux. You have to start being easier on yourself. Embrace your individuality this month. As long as you like how you see yourself, don't worry about how others see you.


You may be looking to assert yourself this month. Instead of being domineering in interpersonal relationships, try to strike a deal on which both of your sentiments and sides can be understood. The less drama and more centered the partnership is, the easier it’ll be to attain mutual trust and respect — which you know well, Libra.


You've been giving your all at work. Acknowledgement of your effort may come in the form of a raise, promotion or more opportunity. Schedule time for a one-on-one with your manager. Alternatively, give yourself a pat on the back, and recognize all your own efforts.


This is a month of personal reflection, in which you are trying to understand how past actions have impacted your life. In order to comprehend these deep feelings on a soulful level, you’ll have to embrace the shadow side of your personality. Acknowledging your dark side is crucial for healing. Remember to lead with love — self love — no matter what you encounter.


It’s a good month to update your LinkedIn account and keep yourself active on social media — for professional reasons, not just for doomscrolling purposes. You may be tapped by an old colleague or former boss for a role with more opportunity ... and a refreshingly different vibe.


If you’ve been wanting to make a few modifications in your home life, now is the time to do so. Before you go all-out, though, consider making mild changes during Sagittarius season. You can always add vibrant colors or more dramatic fixtures later, when you're 100 percent sure about what you want.


Overthinking has been causing you anxiety lately. Do yourself a favor and unplug from the world after nightfall. This means no more social media activity and texting for at least one hour before your bedtime. That imaginative brain of yours will still be hungry for information, though. Pick up a book that will help you escape the mundane and make your eyes restful before bed.