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The solar eclipse in Taurus may bring the truth to light, according to an astrologer

Here's what to expect from the cosmic event, which also happens to be a rare black moon, on April 30.
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Hold on tight, stargazers: Eclipse season is about to commence, with two eclipses falling in the spring of 2022.

The first eclipse of the year will be a solar eclipse, falling on April 30 at 4:28 p.m. ET in the zodiac sign Taurus. The next eclipse of spring will be a lunar eclipse in Scorpio, falling on May 16 at 12:15 a.m ET.

April 30's eclipse is a partial solar eclipse. Solar eclipses occur when the moon is positioned in between the sun and earth, creating a shadow that falls over the earth. This phenomenon can only take place during the new moon phase.

April 30 also happens to be phenomenon called a Black Moon, as it is the second new moon in the same month (there was also one on April 1). 

The partial solar eclipse will only be visible in the southern tip of South America, Antarctica, and the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and via livestreams, but astrologers say it will have a broad-reaching effect.

Here's what to know about how the new moon and amplifying solar eclipse may affect your sign.

The astrological significance of a solar eclipse

Astrologically speaking, eclipses are thought to bring matters to light, coaxing out secrets. They help us acknowledge truths that we haven’t noticed before, or outright denied.

Being that this is a solar eclipse, which is similar to a dark or new moon, we may not get a major reveal — those tend to happen during full moons and lunar eclipses because the moon’s light exposes truths. 

So until we know the whole story, we will just have to trust our gut when moving forward.

The solar eclipse in Taurus will be grounding

Keep in mind that each eclipse affects everyone differently, depending on where the phenomenon intersects with your natal chart.

Generally speaking, though, a solar eclipse in the earthy fixed sign Taurus may propel us to take action around money, investments, relationships, love, romance, and happiness. We'll be drawn to anyone or anything that brings abundance, and makes us feel secure are what we are wanting to have in our lives.

During this time, think about who or what brings you pleasure, and align yourself with that energy. 

The solar eclipse is in conversation with other activity in the night sky. The same day as the eclipse, love planet Venus and expansive Jupiter connect in Pisces. Being that Taurus’s planetary ruler is Venus, feel empowered to take a creative leap — whether through starting an old hobby or reviving an old one.

What the solar eclipse has in store for your zodiac sign


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Setting realistic financial goals is important this time of year. Avoid splurging on items that you’ll regret later on. Right now, budgets, bargains and sales are your friends. Have fun shopping, within reason.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Did someone say reinvention? You may be longing for a new look or vibe to show off to the world. If that’s the case, then go for it! Don’t be shy about posting selfies on social media and putting yourself out there. It’s your time to shine. Embrace the attention that comes your way.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Take a moment away from the stresses and demands of daily life. Designate April 30, the day of eclipse, as “you time.“ Order your favorite food, stream the show you’ve been meaning to catch up on interesting, and — if you’re feeling daring — turn off your phone. Let your mind rest. 


Katty Huertas / TODAY
Katty Huertas / TODAY

Consider how the people in your professional network can help connect you with opportunities. Updating your LinkedIn account and résumé may bring a lot of work contacts towards your inbox. You may even reconnect with old coworkers interested in offering you insight and information. 


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Keep your ears open — the new possibility you've been longing for could be around the corner. You may hear news of a promotion, raise, or new opportunities at the office. If you’re looking for a job, consider this auspicious time to start applying.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

The cosmos is calling for you to get you out of your comfort zone. Take a drive out of town, vacation to a new place, plan your next trip with friends, or a hike on a new path. The goal? Find something new, something adventurous.


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Taking major financial steps can be stressful. Let this moment give you energy and courage to move forward on whatever you need to accomplish. You have power and agency over your assets. 


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Let your heart take the lead during the eclipse. Act with a sense of kindness and generosity in your relationships, even when you feel it's unwarranted. Ultimately, it may pay off: Acting from a sense of good will will deepen your relationships and set others at ease.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Lately, you may find yourself becoming sidetracked. That’s why setting an intention for what you want to accomplish is all the more important. Make a list of your errands and the projects that you are aiming to complete. Feel a sense of satisfaction when you check an item off your to-do list.


Katty Huertas / TODAY
Katty Huertas / TODAY

The longing for romance may be running high. Speak from the heart and let your feelings be known within your relationship. If you are single and looking for love, it’s time to step out of your shell and open yourself up to possibility.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Aquarius, you are a citizen of the world — but home has been where your heart has been for the past few months. Spruce up your home's vibe with a fresh coat of paint on the walls, cool curtains, vibrant throw pillows, or seasonal decor. 


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Lately, communication with your friends and family may have seemed inconsistent or one-sided. Tap into your sentiments during this lunation. Voice your feelings with others. Clearing the air may be beneficial for everyone (not just you) in the long run. 

Disclaimer: Astrology is not based in science. These posts are not intended to act as a directive.