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Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus on April 21: What it means for you

We're sorry to say that Mercury retrograde has returned.

Another season, another Mercury retrograde. The second Mercury retrograde of 2023 occurs in the earth sign Taurus, which means that we’ll be digging our heels in the mud and wanting to find the perfect words to assert ourselves.

Even though the bullish sign is hard-headed, this astrological placement is more of a lover than a fighter.

The sign's energy will permeate Mercury retrograde. Rather than pressuring people to commit to situations, we should let them be. They can make up their own minds, in their own time.

Since Taurus is a sign that is slow-moving and hates change, the retrograde will give everyone more time to remain placid and chill. Some may feel stuck or lethargic from the lack of movement. But, they should use this as a moment to start planning and plotting the next phase of their lives.

What is Mercury retrograde? 

Mercury retrograde occurs when the planet Mercury goes slower in its orbit around the sun than the Earth, and appears to be moving backwards. Since Mercury rules communication, information, and travel within astrology, we earthlings feel this transit so hard.

What is the retroshade? 

This is a term I coined many years ago that has since become part of the retrograde lexicon.

Think of it as the shadow that Mercury retrograde casts. It usually occurs two weeks before and two weeks after the retrograde begins when Mercury starts to slow down and enters the degrees in which the planet will be retrograde.

The retrograde story usually begins then, as people start acting out of character and make revelations. Think back two weeks ago and remember what was going on in your life. Take note of it to see if it applies to the retrograde. It probably does. This will help you deal with whatever roadblocks come up.

What are the Mercury retrograde dates of April and May 2023?

Mercury retrograde commences on Friday, April 21 and lasts until Tuesday, May 14.

What are the astrological effects of Mercury retrograde? 

Mercury retrograde in Taurus will be challenging, as the fixed earth sign tends to double down and act stubborn when they think they’re right. When retrograde, this placement could either be freer in thought and mindsets, or be extremely rigid. As with every Mercury retrograde, unpredictable and erratic events will occur in our lives followed by delays. Try to use the slower energy as a time to reassess boundaries, financial situations, relationships and work projects. 

The best day of the retrograde is May 1, when the sun and Mercury connect at the same degree in the sky. This effect is a positive omen, as the sun soaks up the energy of Mercury and allows us to overcome communication hiccups.

Therefore, if you have plans or decisions that need to be made and contracts that need to be signed, astrologers advise you do so on May 1. 

Here’s how this Mercury retrograde will impact your zodiac sign


It’s time to take a good hard look at your personal finances. You might want to ask a trusted financial advisor or friend for help in creating a budget for yourself. This could help in getting your money problems back in order and allow you to have extra cash to spare. 


This has the potential to be a magical time, helping you understand your friends and partner on a better level. You may even want to work on these connections over the next few weeks and try to improve upon them — as long as you don’t take your frustrations out on others.


Go off the grid for a few days as you focusing on healing and resting. No, you don’t have to respond to every text and email. Give yourself a much needed break from the stresses of other people at this time.


Your professional goals are changing at the moment, making you question the future of your career. Before you get too ahead of yourself and make moves towards modifying your current work scope, think about what your endgame is and what you want to attain on a personal level as well.


Projects or accounts at work need extra attention. There could be some unforeseen errors that pop up or current issues that have recently transpired, which is why you’ll have to go through old files with a fine-tooth comb to make sure the responsibility doesn’t fall on you. 


If you’ve been daydreaming about taking a vacation, then you should start thinking about your trip. Your plans might change — but the most important thing is that you are actually thinking about taking a break from work and doing something positive for yourself.


You are wanting to make changes in your life. At this time, ask for others for guidance and motivation. Sometimes it takes a village to help on one’s personal journey. Hopefully the positivity you need will come your way through others' encouragement.


A former flame will be red hot for you during the retrograde. Even if you don't hear from a particular person, you'll be on their mind. Scorpio, you are unforgettable!


You may find yourself at a loss of words — for the first time in your life. That’s OK! You can rely on your other communication modalities and senses to express your sentiments. The right words will come to you, but only if you give yourself a moment to think.


Seek out your inner child by reigniting an old favorite hobby. You'll find that the act of play reminds you of who you are, who you were and who you can be again.


Old wounds could open at this time, which is why you may want to take yourself out for a hearty meal or book a massage (or ask your S.O. for one!). Any healing activity will be welcome favored at this current time.


Be careful not to put your foot in your mouth during Mercury’s backwards spin. This might be easier said than done. You could say things that you later regret, which is why it’s best to edit your emotions in your head and then say how you feel. Save yourself the drama.