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Leo compatibility: How the fire sign gets along with each zodiac sign (or doesn’t)

Fierce and generous, Leos take pride in the people they love.

Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, is not shy in its affections. If a Leo loves you, you'll know it — they are romantic and tender in their relationships.

Self-assured and confident, Leos love to feel proud of the people they love, and expect people to take pride in them, too. But which signs are particularly compatible with the lion of the zodiac? Read on for more about Leos in love.

What are Leos like in relationships?

Leos are performers at heart. Their world is a stage — and so are their relationships. They like to have the spotlight shone on then, usually taking the form of attention. But they're generous, giving back what they want to receive through acts of kindness and sacrifice. All a Leo asks in love? Unwavering loyalty.

"When it comes to romance they often require their partner to be just as captivating as they naturally are," tarot reader Blue June says of Leos.

How can you win over a Leo? Many ways, June says: “Compliments, gifts and quality time will get you far. They respond well to all forms of adoration.” 

Back to the subject of pride: Leos are proud, and so apologies don't come naturally to them. They might be defensive in a fight, unable to see the other side.

Here’s how Leos get along with each zodiac sign

Leo and Aries 

Leo and Aries are two fire signs that feed off each other’s energy. They are able to create art together that transcends time. Together they can make the other laugh and share similar memories. Both sides are prone to feeling like they're always right, though, so fights may ensue.

Leo and Taurus 

When these fixed signs unite, sparks fly. Leo is egotistical at times and act impulsively. Taurus moves slower and wants to help others before themselves. The two can find a middle ground if they compromise, but that will require a lot of work which ... neither side particularly enjoys (especially Taurus).

Leo and Gemini

The laughter and gossip never ends when Leo and Gemini come together. This friendly pairing marks a long term partnership that has immense staying power. When they connect romantically, the relationship will be built on a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect.

Leo and Cancer 

Leo finds Cancer to be mysterious and full of spiritual insight, while Cancer believes Leo can help build their confidence. The two neighboring zodiac signs bond due to their generous hearts. They'll give support to one another – but may occasionally need a break from one another, too.

Leo and Leo

The drama never ends when two headstrong Leos unite. Both will compete for equal amounts of stage time. The desire to flatter the other and receive accolades is high, as their passionate and rambunctious emotions need to be seen and heard throughout the whole day.

Leo and Virgo 

Virgo finds Leo to be stimulating and Leo finds Virgo to be intelligent. These two zodiac signs can engage in conversation for hours. They’ll also be each others' advocates, jumping in when the other is insulted or threatened.

Leo and Libra 

Libra will stand by Leo; Leo will encourage Libra with kind words. This dynamic duo is filled with positivity, so will withstand most problems that are thrown their way. 

Leo and Scorpio 

This is one of the tougher pairings for Leo. Ruled by the sun, Leo represents light, whereas Scorpio is known for their darker sentiments. When they mingle, both get suspicious of the other one’s intentions and mannerisms. Let go over your prideful ways.

Leo and Sagittarius 

Leo loves hanging out with Sagittarius because their unpredictable nature makes them fun and exciting. Sagittarius will invite Leo to join them on every adventure that they go on. They are the best travel companions and will never run out of fun activities to do together.

Leo and Capricorn 

Boundaries are important when Leo and Capricorn connect, as the regal lion can overstep its limits and lines get blurred easily. Capricorn will have to constantly remind them of their place in life.  They'll talk their way to a mutual understanding.

Leo and Aquarius 

Opposites attract when Leo and Aquarius come together. These signs will be able to connect over their yearning for self fulfillment. In their quest for success, they'll mentor and encourage each other. Let the brainstorming begin!

Leo and Pisces 

Leo and Pisces are very creative people, which is why they’ll forge a union based on their imagination and visions. Dreams are important to both of these signs, so they’ll try to focus solely on how to make them happen in their own lives and in the other’s as well.