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The astrology of King Charles III's coronation: What the stars predict

Charles is in the right place at the right time, astrologer Lisa Stardust tells TODAY.

What do the stars have in store for King Charles III? The practice of electional, or event astrology, uses the map of the stars during a particular event to predict how it will unfold and what its repercussions might be.

In this case, we can use the astrology of the coronation to predict the first phase of King Charles III's time on the throne.

The coronation happens during an eventful time, cosmically speaking: May 6 is day after the lunar eclipse in Scorpio and falls during during Mercury retrograde.

Within astrology, lunar eclipses are thought to bring unexpected surprises to events that happen at the time when they occur.

The lunar eclipse in Scorpio that occurs on May 5 is highlighting the part of his birth chart that governs home and family. While he’s stepping into the “family business,” the ripple effects of his coronation may have a challenging impact on his brood.

This is shown by the square the eclipse is making to his natal Pluto, as well as the aspects to his Sun and Mercury. Charles has spent time away from the public, so facing the world head-on for the rest of his life could be challenging. He may have mixed feelings about his new role. There is a lot brewing behind the scenes and under the surface.

Further, Mercury retrograde is occurring in Charles’ 10th house of public image, the same spot where Uranus planet of shake ups and wake-up, is transiting. Retrogrades usually make matters happen slower and change course.

Put it all together, and the approach or direction that King Charles has planned might take a U-turn at some point in the near future, and will be met with delays.

These transits show that his rulership won’t be easy. But Charles’s intention as king are lofty, with hopes to transform and heal the world — and changes of that sort never are easy.

Read on for a few of the other astrological phenomena that are working for and against him.

The astrological transits King Charles III is experiencing the day of his coronation

Saturn opposition

Charles' coronation occurs during his Saturn opposition, a moment in which people are emotionally tested. Proof of hard work paying off is great — but leaves a person wondering, "What next?" It’s like we’ve given our all to attain worldly aspirations and don’t know if we want to continue on the same path.

This transit makes us question our purpose in life and urges us to change courses. Perhaps King Charles III is feeling as though his new role will hinder him or that it’s not exactly what he thought it would be.

Pluto squaring the moon

Transiting Pluto, retrograde in Aquarius, is squaring Charles' Taurus moon. When transformative Pluto and the moon share a fraught connection, it can height emotions and makes a person testy. It can also raise issues in the familial unit, induce anxiety and leave a general sensation of unease.

The good news is that shaking things up could mean breaking free, too. This transit can help King Charles release baggage and create a new sense of being that reflects the person he is today. 

Jupiter and Uranus make a T-square with Neptune

King Charle’s natal Jupiter (the planet of luck) and Uranus (also known as the “great awakener") create a T-square with transiting Neptune (who’s referred to as “the divine discontent”).

A T-Square occurs when three planets collide in an extremely tense way, forming a symbol that represents the letter “T” in the sky.

Since Uranus brings shake ups, Neptune brings illusions, and Jupiter can exasperate these sentiments, King Charles could feel lost in the fog, wanting peace of mind. He could be experiencing pushback from the people who work with him, as his ideas are radical and beyond his time.

Basically, King Charles is the revolutionary the monarch has been waiting for, but it might not be ready for him. 

Nodal return

The nodal return (which occurs every 18 years) he’s experiencing proves that becoming king is part of his destiny.

No matter how one tries to spin astrology, he is in the right place at the right time. The lunar eclipse in Scorpio will place his Sun and Mercury front and center, giving him a new opportunity to be seen for who he is.