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March’s full moon in Virgo is a chance to revamp your routine

Here's how March 18's luminary may affect you, according to an astrologer.
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Look up in the early morning of March 18 to see this month’s full moon. The last full moon of winter will reach peak illumination at 12:17 a.m. PT and 3:17 a.m. ET on the morning of the 18th, but will appear round for about three days total.  

Within astrology, the moon signifies the realm of emotions and intuition — that’s why the moon sign of your natal chart speaks to your inner life, whereas the Sun sign is what you project to the world. Each of the moon's eight lunar phases are said to affect people differently. Among astrologers, full moon are considered a time of culmination and release, encouraging people to let go of burdens. 

Keep in mind that each full moon is said to take on the flavor of the sign it falls in. March’s full moon — nicknamed the Worm Moon, referring to the earthworms that emerge in spring — falls in the earth sign of Virgo, known for its penchant for organization.

During this month's full moon, consider overhauling systems that no longer serve you, whether that’s reorganizing your closet or implementing a new morning routine.

Read on for horoscopes about how the full moon will affect your zodiac sign specifically. While these horoscopes are written with your sun sign in mind, take a peek at the entries for your rising and moon signs, too, and see if they resonate.


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Your tasks at work may be changing rapidly. Amid this time of transition, be mindful of not taking on more than you can chew. Ask yourself: What can my schedule handle? What can my team handle? Try to spread responsibility around. Remember, this is a group effort. 


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Romance is in the air, Taurus. Be bold when it comes to pursuing your crush, or plan a night out with your S.O. Under the light of the full moon, make space for another person. Ask deep questions. Spark big conversations. By the time the sun comes up, you’ll feel smitten all over again. 


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The theme of March's full moon? Easy: It’s you. Take a step away from work and other obligations to look inward. Decide what it is you need to feel grounded (see: cuddling up with a book, meditating, or journaling). By choosing yourself, you can return to those obligations with a sense of balance. 


Katty Huertas / TODAY
Katty Huertas / TODAY

The full moon may have you wanting to retreat back into your shell. And you know what? You totally should. The cure for a packed social calendar is some rest and relaxation. Try meditating, yoga, or taking a warm bath to alleviate tensions. Do anything that helps you unwind. Connecting with yourself is essential to your well-being.


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The full moon in Virgo urges us to create systems that work for us. Use this time to reacquaint yourself with your finances. You want to commit to the “b” word (also known as “budget”) in the next few weeks. Tighten your wallet so you can save up for a summer treat. 


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During the full moon, you may be craving recognition and affection from your inner circle. You’re not asking for a parade — just some acknowledgement for all the positive things you’ve done. Once you get that round of applause, you’ll feel better. As an alternative, write a list of everything you appreciate about yourself..


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Pay attention to what’s been brewing beneath the surface. Resentments or frustrations that you’ve been feeling may come to a head during the full moon, prompting you to start conflicts with others that you’d best avoid. Take a breather and view your emotions through a logical lens. Doing so will ensure that you don’t put your foot in your mouth and say things that you’ll later regret.


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Pause before giving advice near the full moon. It’s not only what you say that matters: It’s how you say it. Listen to your friend fully before offering counsel. Then, craft a statement that empowers the person to decide their next move for themselves, as opposed to you deciding their next move for them. 


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Have you been working harder than usual? Before complaining about long hours, consider the effects this burst of energy might have on your career. Is it helping you reach your goals? Are you feeling energized? If so, continue the push for a while longer. People around you may take note and admire your work.


Katty Huertas / TODAY
Katty Huertas / TODAY

All the clock watching and pencil pushing that you’ve been doing at work is making you long for adventure. Think about how to break from the routine in an invigorating way. This can take the form of an epic voyage, sure — but it can also be a weekend road trip or a stroll to a new part of the neighborhood. Plan your own version of spring break.  


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Your boundaries may be tested by people in your life around the time of the full moon. Pay attention to how you’re feeling in social groups. Any time you feel the urge to lash out, remove yourself from the situation and decompress, whether through a long walk or taking a few deep breaths. When you’re feeling grounded, initiate a discussion about how to respect limits. 


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Speak from your heart during the full moon. Show people you love them by sending a sweet text or a sentimental gift. But affection goes both ways, and you may find yourself wanting some in return. Don’t be shy in letting your friends know you could use a pick-me-up of your own.