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April's full moon in Libra is a chance to reevaluate relationships

Here’s how April 16’s luminary may affect you, according to an astrologer.
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The first full moon of spring this year occurs on Saturday, April 16. This lunation will hit its peak fullness at 11:55 a.m. PT and 2:55 p.m. ET, and will be visible after the sun goes down.

Although April’s full moon is nicknamed the Pink Moon, the moon won’t suddenly change color. April’s full moon received its nickname from the phlox flowers which bloom in North America at this time, and are among spring’s first flowers. The luminary is also called the Paschal Moon, as it tends to align with the Easter holiday. 

Astrologically speaking, April’s full moon is an intense one. The juxtaposition between the sun in Aries and moon in Libra urges us to focus on “we” instead of “me.” The moon will bring relationships to the forefront, and may prompt us to make major decisions concerning them. 

Further, when authority planet Saturn and transformational Pluto link up with the full moon, we may question our commitments and how we show our love. Pluto’s temperamental presence has the potential to create arguments, all in the name of transformation.

The good news? In order for situations to improve, they have to change. If we are willing to do the work during the full moon, then they can.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

What kind of energy are you putting out in the universe? This full moon urges you to think about how you are caring for, and loving, others. Give attention to your interpersonal relationships and work towards mending fences with others instead of holding onto resentments.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

A tedious work endeavor is finally coming to completion. Your colleagues deserve props for their assistance on the final project you created together. Make sure that you acknowledge your coworkers by thanking them for their feedback, encouragement, and help.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

You might experience the desire to share your feelings with a crush or significant other during this luminous full moon. Don’t feel pressured to tell all your secrets. Share what feels genuine and true. 


Katty Huertas / TODAY
Katty Huertas / TODAY

You’ve been stressing about work for weeks. Now is the moment to take a step back and focus on you. Give more energy towards having a relaxing evening at home. Some ideas? Take a bath, light a candle, or watch a few episodes of "Bridgerton" season two.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Follow through on promises you’ve made to your friends and family in the recent past. It’s important for people to know that you say what you mean, and will follow through with obligations. Responsibility and accountability is key now.


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Give and take are important for any relationship to thrive. Start thinking about ways in which you can take care of your needs and the desires of others simultaneously. The goal is to forge a sustainable dynamic that can last, with both people giving and getting their needs met.


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Libra, you're known to love love. Even still, being vulnerable can be scary. Try to get deep during the full moon. Speaking your truth has the potential to bring you and your loved ones closer.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Because you rarely share your feelings, it’s no surprise that people around you often try to figure out what’s brewing beneath the surface. People can speculate all they want. As long as your closest pals know the truth about your personal life, you shouldn’t worry about giving yourself away to everyone.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Friendship requires listening. But sometimes, when hearing your friend lists a litany of problems, you may find yourself growing impatient that they can't see the obvious solution. Before you snap at someone you care about, take a minute to hear them out and help them through their issues. 


Katty Huertas / TODAY
Katty Huertas / TODAY

Unfortunately, a pressing professional matter is demanding attention. Try to avoid spending all your nights at work. Your friends and family will miss you, and their attention will be renewing.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Every once in a while, you thirst for adventure and excitement. Now is that time. Plan a vacation or day trip and have some fun. Embrace your wanderlust and enthusiasm. See the world around you and expand your horizons under this lunation.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Setting boundaries with others can be difficult, given your habit of giving freely. This month, put your needs first. You are the most important person in your life — start acting like it.

Disclaimer: Astrology is not based in science. These posts are not intended to act as a directive.