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February 2023 horoscopes: See what the stars have in store for you this month

Including all the important astrological dates to keep in mind.

Feel that? That's the feeling of a month without Mercury retrograde. Your February 2023 horoscopes kick off with a burst of momentum, complementing your yearlong forecast.

Before heading into individualized horoscopes, here's the calendar of important astrological events in February 2023 to keep in mind.

February starts off with a fiery full moon in Leo on Feb. 5, which asks us to embrace our passions. Mercury moves into Aquarius on Feb. 11, giving us a fresh take on matters, and a witty way of expressing ourselves. The Sun swims into Pisces on Feb. 18, heightening our desires, sentiments and creativity. The combined energies of the Pisces new moon and Venus’s entrance into Aries on Feb. 20 offers us a chance to refresh our romantic relationships and financial investments. 


This month, focus on living in the moment instead of dwelling on what once was. Detach from things that are no longer serving your highest potential. The more you let go of the past by harnessing your truest energy, the easier it will be to connect to what you truly want to do and be.


You're seeing there are more opportunities out there than you once thought. Think back to the person you hoped to be when you were 6 years old. You can still be that person. Swing for bold challenges and make the changes that will take you not necessarily up the corporate ladder, but closer to your truth.


Lately, the motivation factor in your life has been lacking. Hey, it happens. Instead of lamenting your lost mojo, make a point of having fun. Making any minor changes to the daily grind, at this point in time, will stimulate your mind and open your brain to a new invigorating thought process. You may find that your joie de vivre returns on its own.


February urges you to be confident with your investments. Use your intuition to guide you through your financial choices. After all, they are yours to make. A youthful dream from the past could turn into a lucrative cash business if you allow it to take flight. Let yourself take more risks now, as it could yield results in the future.


Breathe in. Breathe out. Then practice repeating that cycle over and over this month. As your emotions hit a high, reach toward mindfulness for a moment of calm. Decompressing will do you good. Others will pick up on your serene disposition, too.


Put down your boxing gloves this month. You may want to clash with people — but should you? If you find yourself in power struggles in February, remember that sometimes that loudest action is inaction. Removing yourself from a toxic situation is both assertive and freeing.


Step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Your mind has been in overdrive this month for a reason. You have things to do; goals to achieve. Invite others to join in on your vision by speaking up.


The beginning of the month may have you rethinking your career direction. You may want to leave your professional world temporarily to escape into a creative job. Or, you may decide it’s time for you to step up and become a leader at work. However you lean, go there boldly.


You may be inclined to give and give and give this month. Make sure that, amid all this generosity, you're giving back to you. "No" is a powerful word. Luckily, this month's astrological forecast for Sagittarius predicts that heavy energy will dissipate toward the end of the month, making you feel lighter no matter what.


Capricorn, the universe gave you the ability to marry pragmatism with creativity. What can you do with that combination of skills? What can you dream up and then implement? The possibilities for you, and what you can do with your mind, are boundless. Remember that!


Relationship tensions could form under Feb. 5's full moon. You may feel as though your partner has been focusing more on themselves than they've been on your relationship. But that could just be a feeling, and a fleeting one at that. Instead of dwelling on what you don't have, act with kindness, and you may be blessed with abundance.


Alone time is just about the best thing you could give yourself this month, Pisces. Luxuriate in your own company. Treat yourself to something delightful. In enough time, you will think you are a delight.