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‘Eclipse hangover’: Why people feel tired or anxious after the eclipse

TikTokers are reporting post-eclipse exhaustion.
Total Solar Eclipse Stretches Across North America From Mexico To Canada
Solar eclipse in 2024.Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

Have you been feeling groggy, fatigued or cranky? According to astrology, this might be more than plain old moodiness: You might be experiencing an eclipse hangover.

The term is trending on TikTok as people recount feeling tired or overwhelmed by intense energy after April's eclipse. "That eclipse did some stuff," TikToker @Interstellar_Melmay5 summarized. "Be gentle to yourself. We went through some s---."

Essentially, the eclipses of March 25 and April 8 have ended, but their impact lingers. Here's why.

What is an eclipse hangover?

Eclipses, in astrology, are thought to lead to revelations and truths emerging. They make us reassess the path that we’re currently on.

Imagine it like this. When we inflate a balloon, we can sense it is getting larger and expanding. That's similar to the emotions we have contained within ourselves. During the eclipse, the proverbial balloon bursts, releasing those accumulated feelings — and it might be an unpleasant experience.

Thanks to their spiritual overhauls, eclipses can help us align with our destinies. However, dealing with them can be overwhelming.

How long will the eclipse hangover last?

While it’s especially potent in the days and hours after the cosmic event, the eclipse hangover phase will continue until April 15, when the first quarter moon in Cancer occurs. An eclipse’s influence can continue for up to six months.

How can I get over an eclipse hangover?

To deal with the drop in drive and energy after an eclipse, practice deliberate self-care.

This could take any form. However, since eclipses involve the moon and the moon has an effect on the tides, try incorporating water into your routine. Take a trip to a day spa, indulge in a long, hot shower or relax in a bath with Epsom salt and roses.

Another way to boost your energy is to use incense in your home, walking from room to room and envisioning yourself happy in each.

Staying hydrated and getting plenty of fresh air is crucial, too. It would help if you aimed to drink eight glasses of water daily and spend time in nature. 

Essentially, rest is important. Take it easy and don’t overexert yourself in the coming weeks. Listen to your body and prioritize what feels right — whether that's solitude, yoga or a long walk.

The funk will pass, and when the next eclipse rolls around, at least you'll know what hit you.